Apple Introduces iAd Producer For iAd Creation

In an indication that the technology giant will no longer be so possessive about control of its iAd creation, Apple today rolled out iAd Producer, a FREE desktop app that lets third parties make iAds. This new tool is used for creating, surprise surprise, iAds. The software itself handles all of the HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, making this a point and click iAd creation system.

Good News for Mobile Advertisers Apple Opens Up iAd Creation to the Public via iAd Producer

It’s a nice move, especially since Apple previously charged a princely amount to companies like Nissan and Disney to use the platform. Because developers no longer have to go to Apple to create iAds, it not only makes it easier for smaller companies to jump on board thanks to a reduced cost for advertisers, it puts the creation in the advertiser’s hands.

At the moment iAd Producer is only available to iOS developer program members. Just this single tool aims to relieve some of the pressure on Apple, who up until this point, was the sole creator, and choke point for iAds. In fact, the slow turnaround time for iAd creation was one of the only complaints seen from advertisers regarding the program.

Apple charged between $1 million and $10 mililion to the likes of Nissan and Disney to use the platform. The first iAd showed up on iPhones in July. Last week, Apple rolled out the first iAd for iPad, which promoted Disney’s TRON: Legacy.

By making the creation of iAds available via a graphic user interface, the app effectively removes the need for advanced development acumen. iAd Producer lets the creator develop the iAd and have an idea of what it looks like before the final output.

Of course iAd Producer isn’t about the App Developers so much as it is for the advertisers. Still, if this serves to bring more advertisers to the platform, it may create competition for ad space. Will iAd become as lucrative a scene as the company’s App Store? What do you think?


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