Apple iPad Disassembled and Then Reassembled in Under 4 Minutes [Video]

See inside the Apple iPad, from box to complete take-apart and back, in under 4 minutes – all done in the famous stop-motion style!

Apple iPad Disassembled and Then Reassembled in Under 4 Minutes [Video]

We have seen people breaking an iPad using a baseball bat. But this time, thanks goes to TechRestore who have done their traditional stop motion animation of the whole tear down and it also includes a reassembly too. The video starts off with the iPad box sliding across a table and the iPad being unboxed and tested a little. After that, each component is removed one at a time till the iPad is in pieces.

But after watching the video, I can’t stop wondering — “All that empty space and they couldn’t fit an SD Card reader or a simple USB port in it?” I don’t know, but it looked there was plenty of room for a camera, flash support and OSX to me. Personally, I will wait for the iPad 2 to fill that space with Infra Red for universal remote, web cam, SD card reader, inductve charge, USB…

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Also, was anyone else expecting someone with a screwdriver to just open it up then put it all back together in under 4 minutes and not a stop-motion video with some sound effects?


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