Apple iPod Nano 7G to Create Screensaver Based On The Surrounding

The Apple iPod Nano 7G has been the subject of a number of rumors and speculations recently. But a patent dug up by AppleInsider shows the multi-touch device featuring new sensors like a camera, a temperature gauge, motion detector and microphone, which will, in turn, give it the ability to generate dynamic screensavers that adapt to your environment!

If the patent is to be believed, it talks about iPod Nano 7G getting the ability to create screen savers to match the surroundings using an array of sensors including camera, thermometer, microphone, and accelerometer. Using a sensor of some kind – possibly a camera – the Nano can adjust the screensaver according to the environment it is in, turning it into a fashion accessory of geeks.

When this awesome feature becomes a part of the future iPod Nano, your screen saver will match the color and pattern of the jacket you are wearing, or on a not-so-sunny day, the screen will display rain drops and so on so forth.

Another possibility is that the sensor could be a microphone, so the display could change according to the volume and intensity of ambient noise, according to the patent.

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