“Apple of My Eye” – an iPhone 4 Movie [Video]

While there are some people who are finding it amusing to find ways of destroying their new iPhone 4, here is a short film by Michael Koerbel, shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4. Someone is apparently sending a message to everyone that iOS devices are as good for creation as they are for consumption! Shot on an iPhone 4 and edited with the iMovie app on the iPhone 4 in 48 hours — that is phenomenal and inspiring.

Apple of My Eye - an iPhone 4 Movie [Video]

It’s remarkable that they were able to shot a movie, with a device that fits in your pocket! The shots in here are amazing and the quality of the video from the iPhone camera is truly breathtaking.

I must admit that my jaw dropped on a few of these shots. In short — this is “Wonderful”; nice little story and great use of great tools. This is crazy what they have done with this new iPhone 4 and I would not be surprised if Steve Jobs decided to nominate this movie for Osacr 2011! 😀


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