Attention Heavy Sleepers; Aphelion LED Clock Throws a Ball at Your Face to Wake You Up [Concept]

If you are too lazy to wake up early in the morning, than this LED clock is perfect for you. If all other loud and shrieking time clocks have failed to cure your early morning comatose state, which makes it absolutely hard for you to get out of the bed, then here’s the solution which is sure to work and succeed.

Attention Heavy Sleepers; This LED Clock Throws a Ball at Your Face to Wake You Up [Concept]

This new design concept of Aphelion LED clock is designed to make it almost impossible for you to stay asleep; unless you enjoy getting hit in the head by a projectile object, of course.  Imagine a clock that will start flinging a ball at your face before getting off, and  start making noise, so that there is no way to hit the Snooze button. Only way to stop this clock would be to get up from bed, find ball and  return the ball to its resting place if you want the alarm to quiet.

As if that is not enough to wake you up, the clock also blasts your favorite tunes through MP3 capabilities. Other features on the clock are pretty standard: a big display, telling you the time, as well as a Radio function, and connectivity options for your MP3 player.

While we don’t suppose that many people will aim the clock to let the ball hit them in the face, there’s a chance that a heavy sleeper out there needs this kind of stimulus to get out of bed.


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