Top 3 Benefits of Online Storage in Project Management

Online storage has been around for well over a decade, but in the past 5 years it has seen a lot of development, and its benefits are now being appreciated in many other areas as well. At first, online storage just had the advantage of being capable of backing up important data or recovering data when something went wrong with your hard data storage, but now, as the availability of the internet has greatly spread even to the most remote areas, and WiFi came into existence, online storage got the added advantage of being available at any time and in just about any place, on-demand.

Today, online storage has many more advantages for various business fields, especially for project management. Here is a look at how online storage can help in project management:

A long-term and secure storage option

Online storage is not like your average hard drive which gets damaged or loses its ability to store data over a certain period of time. The data that you store online remains there for future reference whenever you want it and wherever you are.

This means that you can store and manage all the reference data for projects in a single online storage file, and read them and use them even after a long time.

File sharing capabilities

Online storage is much more than just storage today – it is also about file sharing. The data stored online can be accessed not just by you, but by others who are part of the project as well.

This means that the entire team can work together and collaborate for the project irrespective of where they are, which can be highly beneficial to those who are used to sending files over email and having to wait on others’ contributions in order to move a project forward.

You can also designate the viewing and editing capabilities to various people in your team, which is a huge plus for successfully managing large projects. Moreover, you can also view the changes being made in real time, which is equal to everyone participating and working together at the same time.

Large projects can be systematically managed, with minimal downtime and the changes you make in your own system will automatically reflect in the files on other systems. This synchronization of all the associated computers allows everyone involved in the project to remain updated of the progress.

The ability to conduct public discussions

Another very important feature of many online storage services is the support of public discussion threads between those who have access to the file. With this feature, everyone working for the project can discuss the changes to be made or about the roles to be performed by each project member. This allows for the easier management of even the largest projects.

Guest Author: This is a guest article by Eric Greenwood who is a technophile whose interests have lead him to study all things related to the cloud computing movement, from software as a service to online storage. Get more tips and advice on the blog Online Storage.


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