Top 6 Ways to Increase Your Mobile Application’s Security

For the first time, the new tech gadgets market outperformed the PC market this year. And such significant event, as well as the rapid growth of processing power and the capabilities of digital devices, raise new issues and problems in the region of mobile security.

Modern smartphones and tablets contain completely up-to-date functional similar to that of their “older brothers.” Moreover, a remote administration, support for VPN, browsers with flash and java-script, synchronization of mail, notes, file exchange are very convenient, but the market for defense equipment is still poorly developed. A successful example of the corporate standard is the BlackBerry, a smartphone with support for centralized management through the server, encryption, remote data destruction capabilities on the device. However, it’s not so widespread in the market. And there are still a lot of devices based on Windows, Android, iOS, Symbian, which are much less protected. The main protection problems are related to the fact that the variety of OS for mobile devices is very large, as well as the number of versions in one family.

Testing and vulnerability scanning is not as intensive as for the OS on the PC, the same regarding best smartphones. Modern mobile browsers have almost reached the desktop counterparts, but the expansion of the functionality entails greater complexity and less defense. Not all providers release updates that cover critical susceptibilities for their devices – it’s a matter of marketing and the lifespan of a particular device. If you take care of your smartphone, these six issues will help you to increase your mobile application’s security.

Discover How to Detect and Eliminate Software Security Attacks 

It goes without saying that any user gets tired of security risks that all the time appear in the hostile web marketing world. Thus, how to cope with them or maybe the only way is to live without any upgrading but feel yourself in safe? The proper way is to choose IBM Application Security Analyzer – it’s like reaching out a personal essay writer online, which defines defense issues in the programs and generates solid information about the potential dangers, including recommended corrective actions for your device to be healthy.

Spend Two Minutes to Learn How to Increase the Protection of Your Cryptographic Key 

A fast growing digital security problem is shown by cryptographic attacks. Moreover, this phenomenon is one of the most complex dangers for minimizing. In case of your company does not pay enough attention to the security of own keys, the access to your private data and transactions is fully open for application attackers that are interested in it. There are a lot of software that allows you to avoid those significant threats by hardening smartphone applications and protecting them at run-time. By the way, those programs deny hackers the access to the binary and source code of your mobile apps.

Waste Some Time to Upload an Application Protection Policies

Intune security policies can be used to protect your company’s data. Therefore such kind of defense application can be used apart of any mobile management solution; software can be used to protect corporate data with both device registration in a device management solution and without it. By adding policies at the application level, you can restrict access to the resources of the organization and leave the data in the field of view of the IT department. Application defense policies are not supported for apps that connect to local Exchange, SharePoint, or Skype for business services. This allows end users to maintain performance, rather than applying policies when using the device in a personal context. Policies are applied only in a working context, which allows you to protect your organization’s data without injuring your personal data.

Check Out Digital Privacy Threats Hiding in the Dark Web

As part of its report on the state of security applications in 2015, IBM partner Arxan and iThreat Cyber Group (ICG) examined data that was connected with the production of illegal software on the Dark Web. The results of the analysis were alarming and indicated that such phenomenon is growing rapidly. The digital piracy is too widespread nowadays, hence you have to educate yourself to be aware and to protect your mission-critical data and digital assets.

Educate Yourself About the New Application Security on Cloud Infographic

Just after reading the infographics, you will experience how to use the cloud-based security analyzer for IBM applications to improve the defense of digital and web applications by periodically testing security, identifying the malicious applications, and improving the effectiveness of your software. You will feel relaxed, based on removing security susceptibilities from the web and mobile applications before they are added and deployed.

Do not Hesitate to Use Antivirus Software

Applications installed in the memory of the mobile phone should be checked by antivirus programs. If the antivirus software does not detect at least one of the malware, it is obvious that the operating system and antivirus do not provide the required level of the defense. It goes without saying that you need to analyze the outgoing and incoming Internet traffic of each malicious applications in the Android emulator using the Android Studio software and the traffic analyzer (sniffer). Next, you need to block the address of the management server that uses the malicious application.


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