Best Collection of 30+ Hidden Hacks, Tips and Tricks For iPod Touch 4G

If you have been looking for an ultimate collection of top hacks, tips and tricks and wondering how to get that ‘extra mileage’ out of your newly bought Apple iPod Touch 4G then you are lucky. A friend of mine recently bought an iPod Touch 4G. But as it doesn’t come with a proper user manual, he had been searching all over the internet for tips and tricks for iPod Touch 4G. Noticing the need, we thought it would be good to share these tips with TC readers as well.

Best Collection of 30+ Hidden Hacks, Tips and Tricks For iPod Touch 4G

So here we go. Enjoy trying these more than 30 awesome hacks, tips and tricks that work even on the latest generation of iPod Tough 4G with iOS4.

Hidden Tips and Tricks on How to Turn Your iPod Touch 4G Into a Super Gizmo

–      For rearranging Home Screen icons, tap and hold an icon until they all start to jiggle. Drag the icons around to rearrange them, and when it is satisfactory, press the home button.

–      If you’re scrolling through a long document/page in an application – if you tap the status bar (the bar at the top of your screen containing the time and battery), the application will automatically scroll up to the top of the document/page.

–      Instead of sliding across the page, tapping immediately left or right of the page dots on the Home Screen and Weather will move to the next page.

–      To take a screenshot of any screen of your Touch (including the lock screen), hold the power and home buttons and release them. A white flash will appear on screen and a screenshot will appear in your Photos application.

–      Need a spare cleaning cloth for your iPod touch, or an extra cloth to rest your Touch on while at work or school? Just go to your local vision care store (or pharmacy) and get an eyeglass/sunglass “cleaning cloth”. Cheap and works great!

–      If you wish to change your device’s root SFTP password, open Terminal and type ‘passwd’. You will then be prompted to change your password.

–      Whilst in Mail’s inbox view, sliding your finger from left to right on a message the ‘delete’ button will appear. This also applies in the list view of the Videos application. You can also delete Mail in bulk by tapping ‘edit’ and selecting the Mail you want to have deleted.

–      In Google Maps, double tapping zooms in as expected, but single tapping with two fingers zooms out.


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