Top 5 Great Tips to Take Cool Pictures With a Smartphone Camera

Digital cameras are one of the most popular features commonly included in mobile phones these days, to the extent that those cameras which have this function generally sell a lot better than those without it. This suggests that many people want to be able to take good photographs, but it is not as easy as all that to manage. Two good smartphones on the market at the moment for photos are the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the iPhone 4S.

Today, iPhone photography could be a fad, but you need not be carrying one of these top-end smartphones to be able to click awesome pictures. In capable hands, an average camera phone — the most widely used kind of camera in history — can produce compelling images. Believe it or not, taking great snaps on mobile phones can be achieved by following some pretty easy tips. For instance, there are few things you can do to get more good pictures from your mobile phone than bad pictures. Here are top 5 best tips for improving the pictures you take with your mobile phone camera.

Make Sure the Camera Lens is Clean

This may seem like rather an obvious point and – with a normal camera – it probably would be. When it comes to camera phones however, it is easy to forget how often you use your mobile for other things, leading to the lens getting dirty. Just giving it a wipe before actually taking a picture will make the results less blurry.

Choose the Subject with the Medium in Mind

Even the best camera phones will obviously be more limited than expensive specialist cameras, so bear in mind those limitations when deciding what to photograph. Things to avoid include low lighting, subjects requiring very tight focus and mirror shots, as the camera phone will struggle to produce good quality images under these conditions.

Use High Resolution

Your camera phone will generally give you a choice of resolution, and you should always go with the highest available. Not only will this improve the chances of getting a good picture in the first place, but it will also allow you to tinker with it on the computer afterwards, to make further improvements.

Never Use Default Picture Frames

You can always choose a frame yourself after the photograph has been taken, and this will allow you to pick something suitable – so you don’t end up with a duff-looking default one.

Adjust White Balance Before Clicking Snaps

If you have a good camera phone, you will have the option of changing the white balance to suit different types of light and – if so – you should take advantage of this, as otherwise the camera will not make the necessary color adjustments for different lighting levels.

Ultimately, even a blind squirrel catches a nut sometimes. The beauty of a cell phone camera is that you don’t waste money on film or batteries. So, follow these guidelines, and even if a lot of your digital pictures are sub-par, you’re likely to get some ones that you really like as well. For the major events in life, bring along a quality digital camera or a film camera. But for everyday, a cell phone camera is more useful than you might think.


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