BuddyFox Finally Brings Instant Messaging to Firefox [Review]

The quietly released new Firefox addon BuddyFox, unbelievably changes the entire way you can communicate with your friends online. BuddyFox is a recently launched instant messaging add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It runs from within the Firefox web browser and come handy for users who spend most of the time using it. BuddyFox allows you to connect with your friends, chat online and share links without ever leaving your browser window.

BuddyFox Finally Brings IM (Instant Messaging) Support for Mozilla Firefox

How BuddyFox Plugin Works

After creating an account on BuddyFox.com you are required to download the add-on and install it in your Firefox. Once it is installed, a small icon will appear in the status bar, clicking which will slide open the chat window with the list of your friends on the side. The window opens from below thus not taking too much space, much alike the popular Firebug addon.

Using the icons you can add new new friends and even create groups where you can talk to all of them at the same time. The chat is smooth, even with multiple people at once. You can also simply drag and drop links from the pages you are viewing to your friends and this will work even if they are not online at the moment.

Pros of BuddyFox:

The biggest advantage of BuddyFox is in collaborative efforts within the browser window. This can be giving instructions to your web developer, discussing website design (it works well with Firebug), chat with your webmaster, SEO or even coordination of social media promotion. And it is great because, your friends and colleagues may forget to turn on their IM but their browser window will always most likely be started and once installed BuddyFox will be active and running when ever your Firefox is running. Isn’t that cool?

Cons of BuddyFox:

However, the bad thing is that it requires you to create an account with the service (BuddyFox.com) itself. It does not support third party protocols (so forget about it if you were planning to use BuddyFox to chat with your Google Talk, Skype or Yahoo Messenger buddies). Personally, we think that we already have too many instant messaging protocols around. Creating another one that is used by one Firefox extension alone is probably not worth it. You can always use something like Meebo.

Now that you know both the pros and cons about BuddyFox — the instant messaging add-on for Firefox, what do you think? Are you going to use it or do you think that it is not worth the pain of creating yet another IM account? Share your views with us via comments.


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