Buying Tips: Digital Plastic Card Printers

The first thing that comes to mind when buying an ID card printer or a Digital Plastic card printer is the money involved. To make things even more confusing, there are so many models to choose from at different price points. Unlike the digital copiers, there are plastic card printers that sell for under $1,000 and there are also ones that sell for several thousand dollars. Instead of starting with the price, it is often a wiser thing to ask a much more crucial question — What aspects of the card printer’s capabilities and performance are most important to you?

Top Traits of a Great ID Card Printer

ID Card Printers, also known as card printers, are used worldwide to print secure identification cards, payment cards, authorization cards, and visitor badges for corporate, educational, and other uses. To enable plastic card printing, these electronic card printers come with a Card Feeder and Output card hopper to facilitate bulk printing, reduce resource utilization, and automate volume printing. The Card Feeder can fed cards into the Printer, one-by-one, while the output card hopper can hold printed cards.

Different card printers can accept different card thickness and dimensions. Here are some of the qualities that make a card printer stand out among the crowd:

Simplicity and Portability: The card printers which are easy to operate and very small in size so you can pack and take them with you to different events and locations are often preferred.

Durability: If you are interested in cards that last for a long time in environments where they will be exposed to sun, rain, and/or chemicals you will want to invest in a machine that has laminating capabilities. This comes standard on a few models and is an additional option on others.

Print Quality: Thermal transfer printers produce a better looking card. The level of image quality a printer yields is usually expressed in dots per inch or dpi. The higher the dpi number the more resolution the finished image will have. Most card printers are 300 DPI. Even low cost ID printers yield a decent image.

Select Your Plastic Card Printer Wisely

So, before you decide to have your next batch of plastic cards printed, review all your options and ask these questions:

– Am I getting the highest quality and most cost-efficient printing services available?
– What type of printing is best suited to my project?
– How big of a print run do I need?
– What kind of inks do I want to use?
– How will my cards be used?
– Do I have variable data (bar codes, names, numbers, etc.) that need to be printed on the cards?
– Can I do the project easily in house, or do I need to go outside the company for printing?

These questions are a great initial starting point to help you decide the type of printing, which is best for you. Your answer to these questions will decide your plastic card printing quality, design, speed and much more.


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