Case-Mate iPhone 4 Bounce Cases With Radiation Reducing Technology

Bringing a sensitively crafted mobile phone under the wings and flaunting it with pride appears to be everyone’s fancy these days. Mobile phones are a necessity to many of us today, and therefore it is important to shield these devices to minimize the radiation that they emit while in use. Fulfilling the need after Moleskine launched iPhone and iPad Case, Case-mate has now announced the availability of its new iPhone 4 Bounce Cases. Designed to offer unrivaled performance and style, these cases bundle together various essential features while reducing the radiations.

Case-Mate iPhone 4 Bounce Cases With Radiation Reducing Technology

Hence iPhone users who are worried about the harmful effects of radiation that are emitted by the cell phone can now have a peace of mind because according to case-mate, radiation isn’t a great thing to have on your mind. The company has collaborated with Pong (the experts in cell phone research) to enhance the functionality level and offer a slim iPhone 4 case.

The efficient thin strip restricts radiation away from the user’s head, thereby offering them an elegant and remarkable case with added protective elements. The sturdy case promises to offer utmost protection and wraps together a screen protector kit, too.

The newly unleashed case with innovative Pong technology combines a micro-thin metallic circuit board to avoid electro-magnetic radiation from the owner’s head. Users can effortlessly access various ports of their device. Fashion lovers can augment their style factor since they can snap up these cases in various vibrant colors like black, cool gray, green and pink.

The cases offer a more fashion-forward version of some of our most popular products including the Venture iPad Case. The line-up will be compatible with the iPad and iPhone 4 and 3G devices. The smartphone cases will be using, Pong’s patented technology which redirects radiation away from a user’s head with case-mate’s best-in-class design.

For a cost of $49.99 (approx Rs. 2,195), the attractive Case-mate iPhone 4 Bounce case can reduce (EFI) hotspot radiation by 85% and 60% overall (SAR) Specific Absorption Rate radiation. The shell is flexible and impact resistant. The case also gives full access to iPhone 4 ports, making it an ideal choice.


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