Cash Prize For Best Microsoft Kinect Hack; 3D Holographic Videos Created Already [Video]

The Microsoft XBox 360 Kinect is something we’ve been excited about for a while; its motion-sensing technology has the ability to completely change how we play video games. The device has a 3-axis accelerometer, a controllable motor and four mics to play with, and its outputs include a 640×480 color video stream and a 320×240 depth stream.

Cash Prize For Best Microsoft Kinect Hack; 3D Holographic Videos Created Already [Video]

Believe it or not, Microsoft’s Kinect must be a great piece of technological wonder; because non other than Google (Google Engineer Matt Cutts, actually) wants to get it hacked and offering a cash prize for the best open-source and Linux-based projects built on Microsoft’s Kinect. Cutts is offering $2,000 in prizes to the people who can come up with the coolest hacks for the Kinect.

A $1,000 prize will be given to the developer or developers who create the best open-source program or demo using the Kinect. A second $1,000 prize will be awarded to the dev or devs who make it simplest to write Kinect programs on Linux! Cutts notes that devs can use the Kinect without an Xbox attached.

And it looks like the contest has a deserving contender already! YouTube user okreylos has managed to get inside a Microsoft Kinect and extract the bits that allow him to create 3D video captures of what the device “sees.” The camera obviously cannot see all the way around the various physical objects in the room, but when okreylos starts spinning the image on its axis, things get pretty cool! Fun starts about 40 seconds in…

3D Video Capture Using Kinect [Video]

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