Chinese Computer Whiz Shows How To Create Home Made iPad In Video Tutorial

Apple iPads are not exactly ‘cheap’ and people are willing to do anything to get their hands on an Apple tablet. We have the story of a Chinese engineer who decided to build his own tablet rather than buying an iPad. Chinese computer whiz Liu Xinying assembled his very own iPad using a touchscreen and various other parts that he collected from the computer store he works in.

The home-made tablet is of course not an iPad, as it runs on Windows XP and is a tad heavier but its is still worth raising eyebrows. This tablet was crafted using a set of laptop parts, a touch screen and a leather case complete with a keypad.

If you wish you could assemble an Apple iPad tablet at your own home, here is good news — the man filmed himself making the device on YouKu, the Chinese YouTube, which could allow others to follow his slightly eccentric lead, in getting a tablet computer without getting bankrupt.

iPad 3 Part 1 – How To Assemble an iPad look-a-like From Scratch

iPad 3 Part 2 – How To Assemble an iPad look-a-like From Scratch

Liu is a 21-year-old youth from Shandong Province, he originally worked in a computer shop in Jinan City. He said that this video was uploaded a month ago, so far more than a dozen people asked him create an iPad for them, but he refused.

I just do it for fun, this machine costs 2000 Yuan.” Compared to the cheapest genuine16GB iPad 2, which is sold in China at 3688 yuan, the most expensive 64GB version is even up to 5288 Yuan.

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Its worth mentioning that iPads and iPhones are hugely popular in China — the world’s largest Internet market with 457 million online users — and the launch of new models has been known to trigger fights and even crimes.


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