Clever Apple iPhone 4S Ad Features Santa with Siri [Video]

Apple has launched a very clever new ad for the iPhone 4S, featuring Santa Claus using the Siri voice-enabled personal assistant to help him with his important Christmas duties like finding your address and local weather conditions at his delivery points on Christmas Eve.

The commercial video show’s Santa Claus seeking Siri’s help to deliver the Christmas gifts around the world. The TV ad starts with Santa asking Siri locations to a house, after which Siri is shown displaying the directions with the help of the iOS Google Maps application.

On a funnier note, it appears that Santa has grown a bit too lazy over the years. Otherwise, what is the need for him to ask the weather in Cleveland, and that too in winter?

However, we’re glad Santa is not overtly selling the iPhone because on the Apple website it shows the iPhone 4S shipping in 1-2 weeks which won’t make it in the nick of  time for Christmas.

He also searches an email with his “naughty or nice” list when “Go easy on the cookies,” says a message in the ad from Mrs. Claus, read aloud to Santa by Siri on his iPhone 4S. When he asks how her day looks like, Siri replies she has 3.7 billion appointments to make it to, rounding up Santa’s use of the iPhone 4S in the Apple TV ad (embedded below).

Apple iPhone 4S TV Ad – Santa Claus Uses Siri Voice Assistant

Naturally, Siri has been become a focus point for Apple’s iPhone 4S advertising. Siri only officially works on the iPhone 4S, but many iPhone 4 owners have been looking for ways to port the application over to their phones.

Meanwhile, hackers have been busy at work trying to port Siri to iOS devices other than the iPhone 4S and in fact, a group of Hackers have already claimed to have cracked Apple’s Siri to run on Android or Other Gadgets.

The commercial reminds us of Apple’s Santa-based Facetime Ad of last winter. Along with this on-going Siri commercial, Apple is airing new iPhone 4S camera and iCloud ads too.

But when everyone else is wishing to receive an iPhone 4S this holiday season, here is our Apple Siri Wish ListTop 10 Most Wanted Features that would make Siri Super-Awesome.


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