[Contest] Win 10 FREE License of Anvi Smart Defender PRO

Malware is growing at a very high speed and is constantly evolving. It is becoming more difficult to detect, and even harder to remove. Anvi Smart Defender Pro, from Anvisoft Corporation, is an easy-to-use and lightweight detection and prevention program that offers multiple scan levels and powerful protection against malicious software, as well as cloud-based scanning and extras that clean and optimize your PC and repair issues caused by malware and virus files.

Many vendors like AVG, McAfee, Avira and Norton are having that package which unfortunately not cheap. Thankfully, Anvisoft Smart Defender Pro is a sophisticated light and smart swordfish malware detection and removal enhanced with powerful real-time protection for extra PC security. Priced at US$24.98, this Windows-based app is an easy-to-use and lightweight detection and prevention program, which can monitor every running process and stop malicious processes in the background before they even start.

Anvi Smart Defender PRO Features

Anvi Smart Defender Pro has five cool features viz Scan, Cloud Scan, Guard, Optimize and Toolbox. These features further have various sub-features in it. It is packed with so many features and tools, you feel empowered with this anti-malware software.

Award-winning Malware Detection

Malicious software are most dangerous when they go undiscovered. Anvi Smart Defender’s advanced and innovative cloud algorithms hunt down suspicious code and isolate potential threats based on behavior guard.

In-house Malware Research Center

Proactive protection means keeping up with the changing tactics of cybercrimes. Anvisoft employs top malware researcher and expert to uncover and defeat new viruses.

Free updates and upgrades

Each license code is guaranteed the latest virus database and malware protection, and program version available – at no additional expense.

More Professional Real-Time Protection

Guards against popular malware with multi and powerful protection features between system scans. Besides basic guards, Pro version provides more guards – web guard, behavior guard, USB & external drive guard and adware block.

Tip Radar Anvi Smart Defender PRO Giveaway

If you would like to grab a free license of this beautiful antimalware software then head over to TipRadar forum where the nice folks are giving away as many as 10 licenses for FREE. Anvi Smart Defender Pro is normally priced at $24.98 per license key / serial number. Now, in cooperation with Anvisoft Corporation, TipRadar team is offering 10 free serial license key to activate the Full Version of Anvi Smart Defender Pro to its forum members. Offer is for limited time, so HURRY!


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