Defective Notion Ink Adam Tablet Captured On Video

You must have already heard by now how Notion Ink, the company behind Adam tablet, has sort of fallen from grace since it started shipping out its tablet and customers gotten their hands on it. Apart from the series of delay that have plagued Notion Ink Adam, a user by the name of Rambler reported that he has received a possibly faulty model. He also posted a video showing his troubled Adam.

The Notion Ink Adam Tablet was released the 21st of January.  It features the NVIDIA Tegra 250 dual core processor and has two choices of screen, a Transflective Display made by Pixel Qi or a regular LCD.

Adam tablet user Rambler385 has made a short video depicting a blotchy and slightly discolored patch on the right side of his screen and to show his camera is ‘just not working’ as you will see in his post. At any rate, it’s nice to see video of the problems he’s got going on so that others can look for the same inconsistencies in their own tablet.

Notion Ink Adam Tablet with Defective Camera and blotchy PQ Screen

O the positive side, apparently the said poster has contacted the company’s customer service – where he was promised a new unit with no extra cost. We shall see if Notion Ink make good of their promise in the coming days.

Meanwhile, it’s reported a while back that people who have pre-ordered the Notion Ink Adam tablet have to wait just a little bit longer as the company got into some shipment problem. One wonders when the bad news will end for Notion Ink, that at first look had appeared like a great iPad alternative.

We wonder if this is a 1-in-a-million case or are there more “blotchy Adams” out there.  So tell us, are any other Adam Tablet users having similar issues?  Do report back in the comments below.


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