Dell Streak Tablet Available Unlocked in July 2010 for $500 [Video]

In the past month, the anticipation developing around the Dell Streak has been building feverishly. Questions about who will offer what with this device has had much of the tech community “a-chatter.” At the ongoing D8 Conference, Dell said the Android-based Streak 5 inch tablet will be available in the US for $500, and it will be unlocked, Engadget reports. This means you will be free to choose your mobile carrier, which is a great option.

Dell Streak 500 dollar unlocked in US, available next month

According to the report, Dell Streak is going on sale next month for $500. It will become available to U.S. consumers starting next month, and potential buyers in the UK will be able to pick up the device as early as tomorrow. Though the price sounds steep, especially when compared to the $199 sweet spot Apple, HTC and the rest seem to be favoring, the 5-inch Android device is different in that it’s coming unlocked.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the Dell Streak as one of the alternative tablets to Apple’s iPad. The problem, now that we know the price point for the device, is its size; it’s larger than a smartphone but much smaller than the iPad, despite being within range of the latter’s lowest-end model.

Dell itself points to the dual cameras and videoconferencing features of the Streak as two of its key selling points, and  they seem very confident that the device could eventually replace other gadgets with both smaller and larger screens that an owner might already have in his or her arsenal. We’re not so sure — if we don’t happen to have a wardrobe full of top-pocketed shirts, it’s hard to imagine how exactly we’d carry this thing around other than in a bag. And if we’re already carting around a bag, why not “upgrade” to a device with a larger screen?

However, the Dell Streak packs a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor; a 800×480 capacitive touch-screen display with multi-touch zooming; a 5MP camera with a dual-LED flash, Wi-Fi, and 3G. We’ll keep you updated on this one and let you know when we hear more.

Check out a hands-on demo of the Streak below courtesy of CNet. What do you think of this device and its price? Is $500 too much?

A Peak at The Dell Streak


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