Document Scanners; Move Your Data From Paper to Pixels

When you’re trying to come up with solutions to reduce your businesses carbon footprint, digital scanning is definitely worth considering. Instead of scanning all of your documents, it makes sense to have them on file so they can be scanned as and when you need them. In a paper-free world just like photocopiers and paper shredders, the use of scanners to store digital copies of hardcopy documents has to become obligatory for most businesses, enterprise-level operations to single-person startups. Most of these advanced scanners let you save your scanned documents to the cloud, making use of online storage services like Dropbox. Scanning documents to reduce paper clutter is something many enterprise have already started doing seriously.

Anything scanned takes up no space and hard drives have never been cheaper. However, whether you plan on scanning all of your documents or not, managing them can be a time consuming and expensive task. That’s where outsourcing comes in useful. If you ever look at the piles of paper documents and printouts that you might have stored over the years, even the very thought about going paperless can feel like a herculean task. Not only do you have to scan everything from the scratch, but also you need to catalog it, as well. While you can’t escape the task itself, outsourcing this process can make the process a whole lot easier.

The days of storing paper records are quickly going to end. The Project ‘paper-free world’ has taken many years but today more and more organizations have started using document scanning to convert paper records to digital. If your company is a yet to start ‘going green’ then here are some top reasons to start scanning.

Why outsource your scanning and mailroom needs?

The mailroom is a vital part of any business but it can be really expensive to maintain. The amount of paper you go through is also bad for the environment. Outsourcing your needs to a digital document scanning service is definitely worth looking into.

The benefits companies can offer you in terms of digital scanning include:

– Pay as you go service
– Same day scanning
– Archive documents securely
– 24/7 access to all of your documents

Instead of having to scan all of your documents, you can simply pay a company to only scan what you need, when you need it. This pay as you go service is actually really cost effective. You don’t have to hire a permanent member of staff to look after your scanning so this is a huge cost saving bonus. New documents can also be scanned really quickly thanks to same day services such as

Perhaps the best advantage of switching from paper to digital is the fact your documents will be more secure. The last thing you want to be worrying about when running a business is how safe your documents are. Document scanning companies have top of the range secure software systems ensuring nobody gets their hands on your client’s sensitive data.

That’s one worry companies often have when it comes to digital document storage – how safe can your documents every truly be? Providing you use a respectable, reliable company your documents will be safer online than they are in your office.

The fact you’ll have 24 hour access to all of your documents is also a huge benefit. Instead of having to search for hours through mountains of paperwork, you’ll get to select which documents you need via an online system. You can do this via any computer linked to the network. Overall there are many ways to help your business get into the digital age. Outsourcing your mailroom jobs such as scanning can be a great idea.


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