Edit and Share iDevice Videos with Givit 3.1.1 [App Review]

Have you been searching for an honest reviews of some of the best video highlighter apps for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch)?  Well, today is your lucky day. Givit is a free, fun and simple app to quickly make and share great videos on iPhone. Givit’s video-editing capabilities make it easy to share somewhat polished video creations with friends and family. This Social video app pivots into a quick and dirty, on-the-go video editor. Looking for a more private way of sharing videos with friends and family? The iPhone and iPad app, along with the Givit website provides you with a way to easily upload videos from your mobile device and precisely control who sees what. Essentially, the app enables anyone to shoot and mix clips on the move, directly from their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. And share them with the world, too.

Givit also offers an amazing way to sew together multiple scenes from a single or several videos. Add transitions, effects, titles, photos, and finish with music from Givit or songs in your iDevice. Your final “Highlight” will be a highly entertaining video to share with the world or friends and family. First, you can take whatever video you want using your iDevice. Next, you bring in your clips and find the moments you want, and select what are called “highlights” — which then pop into a small timeline (although the metaphor is not emphasized, as it is more familiar to video editors). I was impressed at how easy it was to find clips and add them to the timeline.

As you can see, at the center of this updated app is the highlighting function. You can either select highlights from video already recorded on your phone, or tap a “highlight” button while shooting live video. And what if a highlight catches you unexpectedly while recording? No problem. A second button lets you retroactively begin capturing the moment even while you’re in live recording mode.

Knowing how Youtube and other video share services (and apps) work, Givit builds privacy right into the upload process. When you share a video, whether it’s one you’re uploading from your camera roll or one that you shoot from within the Givit app, you enter in the email addresses of the specific people whom you want to share with.

Thus, you can control who exactly gets to see your videos. Givit adds a further measure of privacy control by letting you decide whether anyone can re-share your videos but this feature is turned off by default.

Users can also follow each other directly within the app, with the activity stream revealing all recent, well, activity. This includes who’s started following you, and anyone who’s ‘liked’ a specific video, and you see all the videos you’ve ‘liked’ by clicking the little ‘heart’ icon at the bottom.

Givit empowers artists to supercharge their fan bases with the power of video. Anyone can now create an amazing music video or re-imagine their favorite moments right from their iPhone, adding new clips, sound or transitions and share socially however they choose.

Using the app is straightforward, give or take a few minor bugs. But if you’re looking for a quick and dirty fix to edit a video in less than one minute straight from your smartphone, Givit might be your best bet. Plus, a perk for signing up for Givit is that users can use the service as a cloud platform that now hosts up to 5GB of free space (up from 2GB) of private video storage and sharing.

At any rate, the seamless sharing with people you explicitly choose is Givits shining feature. If that’s something you’ve craved, both the app and the service deserve your attention. Givit v3.1.1 is available to download for free now on iTunes App Store.


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