Everything Announced at WWDC 2010: Steve Jobs Keynote Highlights

If you want to relive the most important announcements that happened during Steve Jobskeynote at the Apple WWDC [Worldwide  Developers Conference] 2010 event then you have come to the right place. As expected Monday, Apple used its annual developers conference to introduce a new version of the iPhone. And while some of the features may have been known heading into this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference after prototypes of the phone appeared in public, Apple still looked to dazzle smartphone users with a number of new features, including a new screen technology, an improved camera, and the ability to conduct video chats (code named as: Facetime).

Everything Announced at WWDC 2010 Steve Jobs Keynote Highlights

iPad Announcement

– 2 million iPads sold, 10 countries. 19 countries by the end of 2010.

– 17 apps per iPad, 35 million apps downloaded.

– Apple sells an iPad every three seconds.

– There are over 8,500 native iPad apps in the App Store.

– iBooks is getting updated. First 65 days, 5 million e-book downloads. So 2.5 books per iPad. 5 of the 6 biggest publishers in the US say that 22% of eBooks sold in the US are sold in the iBookstore.

– There have been over 35 million app downloads on iPad, so approximately 17 apps per iPad.

– You can view PDFs and take notes and mark pages in iBooks now. It’s just like a book.

App Store Announcement

Apple supports two platforms, HTML5 and the App Store; or so Steve Jobs says.

– 225,000 apps in the App Store that are available in 30 languages.

– 15,000 new apps are received every week, 95% of these apps are approved within 7 days.

– 5% of the apps that get rejected are the apps that don’t do their advertised function, use private APIs and apps that crash a lot.

– Netflix coming to the iPhone this summer for free.

– Zynga will introduce Farmville for the iPhone. You can access your farm from the iPhone, buy animals (some exclusive to the iPhone), and even get push notifications for your crops.

– Activision is releasing Guitar Hero for the iPhone, which will include the ability to create custom rockers and post content to Facebook. Available for just $2.99, it utilizes tapping mechanics, but it also has strumming mechanics for iPhone. This actually looks quite hard to master, though.

– 5 Billion Downloads from the app store. Last week, they crossed the threshold.

iPhone 4 Announcement

– iPhone has 58.2% market share of US mobile browsing usage. Android is at 22.7%.

– The new iPhone is 24% thinner than the old model and is made from Stainless Steel and Glass. The glass is 30x stronger than plastic. It can bend and take damage. iPhone 4 the thinnest iPhone yet.

– The display has a new technology called a retina display, packing 326 pixels per inch.

– It has two microphones for noise canceling and integrated antennae to improve signal.

– When compared to the display on the 3GS, the iPhone 4’s display looks much sharper. The screen also has an 800:1 contrast ratio to give 4x the resolution and 4x the contrast of the 3GS.

– iPhone 4 is powered by the Apple A4 chip.

– New camera system focuses on capturing photos and not the megapixels. They’ve gone from a 3MP to a 5MP sensor, but they’re using a backside illuminated senor to get a lot more photons. It also has LED flash, 5x digital zoom, records HD video — 720p at 30 fps, built in video editing and one click sharing.

– You can do video chat through your iPhone 4 and it will be called Facetime.

– It works with either the front or rear camera on the phone, works in portrait or landscape, and appears to be WiFi only at this point. Facetime works on iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 only.

– The phone will also come with Quad-Band HDSPA/HSUPA for quick data transfers.

– iMovie for iPhone, will allow users to send video via MMS, upload to Youtube, send video in emails and upload to MobileMe. Will cost $4.99 in the App Store.

– The phone does have the reported front-facing camera.

– 40% increase in talk time to 7 hours, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, 10 hours of wifi browsing, and a whopping 300 hours of standby time.

iPhone 4 goes on sale in the U.S., France, Germany, the UK, and Japan, on June 24.

– It will come in 16GB and 32GB capacities, priced at $199 and $299, respectively. Apple will also add an 8GB iPhone 3GS, priced at $99, to its lineup.

iOS 4 Announcement

– iPhone OS 4.0 has been renamed, iOS 4.0.

– Allows for “multitasking done right,” as Jobs said. Apple’s multitasking allows for apps to be hibernated, run in the background and switched while still running, apparently without adversely affecting battery life.

– Folders can be dragged to the dock. Folders are named automatically based on genre of apps, but can be renamed.

– Unified inbox comes to iPhone.

– Google remains the default search but now Bing is an option as well as Yahoo.

– The final release candidate out.

– 100 million iOS devices sold.

– Releases on June 21st for upgrading devices.

– Will support most features on 3GS, some on 3G.

iAds Announcement

– iAds to help developers earn money so they can continue to create free and low-cost apps.

– Apple has been selling iAds for the last eight weeks. Apple sells and hosts the ads, making it easy for developers.

– Brands include: Nissan, Unilever, AT&T, Chanel, GE, Liberty Mutual, State Farm Insurance, Geico, Cmabell’s, Sears, JCPenney, Target, Best Buy, DirecTV, TBS, Disney.

– iAd comes online July 1st.

– And you can win a new car through the ad.


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