How To Find Your Stolen Laptop?

Anti-virus solution provider Quick Heal has launched a new service, which helps law enforcement agencies in tracking and recovering lost laptops. To avail the service, a laptop owner has to first register with ‘Quick Heal’ on its website through a Mac-id, and it keeps continuous track of the laptop.

How To Track Your Stolen Laptop Using New Quick Heal Service

If the laptop is stolen, the tracker service traces it on the basis of Mac-id and IP addresses. This information can then be used by the police to track the laptop down and retrieve it. The service is free of charge and can be availed by anybody.

The method is aimed at helping police by providing them an interface with the website, said the company Managing Director and CEO Kailash Katkar. “This technology from Quick Heal will provide a powerful tool to the society at large and to the police, thus reducing their burden,” he said .

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Launched as part of corporate social responsibility, the service is free of charge and can be availed by anybody, whether a ‘Quick Heal‘ user or not, he said. The service, already launched in Indore and Jaipur, would soon be started in other cities. Besides, the company also aims to create a database of stolen laptops for the help of users and potential buyers.

If you  want  to track and find your laptop if it gets stolen,  then you can register here. You may also want to read: 15 Ultimate Tips to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life


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