Firefox 5 Beta And No Tracking Option For Android Launches On Schedule

Firefox 5 Beta Releases on Time

Mozilla released a beta version of Firefox 5 yesterday, its first on a new quick-release plan intended to bring features to browser users and Web developers sooner. In essence it’s used as a way for FireFox to test new features and for users to experience the latest browsing technology and to “Give Feedback“.

Firefox for Android adds ‘do-not-track’ Feature

Coincidentally, Mozilla has also released a ‘Do Not Track‘ feature on Firefox (for Android), which enables private browsing on the cellular device. This feature is aimed to increase the security amongst Android users. The “No Track” option enables you to stop sites tracking your online behavior, which often leads to things such as targeted adverts.

Other improvements are also being tested such as faster loading pages, smoother panning and bug fixes. You can download Firefox Beta for your Android smartphone by clicking here.

Sid Stamm, Security and Privacy Official at Mozilla said that, the unveiling of the HTTP Reader, which made use of the Do Not Track feature, received enormous support from users and other contemporaries. He says that the basic idea is to provide users with the same browser experience as the desktop version of the web browser.

Other improvements of Firefox Beta include some bug fixes and speed improvements, especially over a 3G connection. Mozilla claims that smoother panning and CSS3 animations also come with the beta.

Security seems to be a priority with developers these days, with major brands like Apple and Google being criticized for location tracking. It’s really commendable to see Mozilla trying to make mobile browsing more secure than before for its users.

Interestingly, Firefox 5 contains many more under-the-hood changes than Mozilla called out, however. The company listed 1,053 stability and other fixes in the detailed release notes accompanying the preview.

The browser’s user interface is identical to its predecessor, Firefox 4, which launched two months ago.

Firefox 5 Beta will be automatically offered to users who have previously installed a beta of Firefox 4. Others can download the preview for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux from Mozilla’s site.


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