Future of Mobility: The Evolution of The Cell Phones

Technology seems to advance quicker than people can keep up with it. It was just a few years ago that touch screens saw mass-market attention and the technology has grown by leaps and bounds since then. With phones like the 4G Slide Android Phone, users now have unparalleled access to the web and a vast array of applications.

These are features that are very new but nonetheless impressive and innovative. The speed with which things are going, many have speculated on what other types of advancements that the mobile industry is likely to see in the not too distant future.

Many are asking what this future will look like. For starters we’re going to see further compression and thinner devices. We can also expect to see greater rates of connectivity and it’s all going to snowball from there. We’re going to see further integration of online services and other hardware capabilities. We can already plug our devices into our stereos and TVs and we’re going to see these features available with greater ease of use.

Increased web browsing ability is also going to become mainstay in future devices. People now spend far more time on their phone than ever before, but this is due to the fact that our mobile devices have become increasingly relevant to daily lives.

You can do anything from balancing your budget to paying your bills to streaming the latest videos online. These gadgets allow us to complete more of our daily tasks than ever before and this trend is only going to increase.

Person to screen interface is going to be another huge front and companies are currently developing newer and more efficient ways that the screen interface works. We’re going to see even smarter screen capabilities in a short period of time. It’s possible that very soon we may not even have to touch the screen to interact with it.

As we’ve seen in recent video game consoles, movement based recognition software is advancing very fast and we may be able to control the screen functions through a serious of movements, vocal commands, or hand gestures.

Holographic tech is, ultimately, going to be the future of these devices. We’re already seeing 3D capable phones. The user no longer requires the need for 3D glasses and there may come a time when the screen is a thing of the past and what we’re interacting with is simply a holographic projection that allows us to enact a series of commands.

Though some of these things seem like science fiction, these are features that we’re going to see all within the span of a decade. No one thought that it could go this far this quickly. Many of these features are being created right now. As developers look for newer ways to push the technological envelope, it doesn’t seem like there’s any limit to what we can create.


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