Future of Real Money Online Gaming on Virtual Reality

Virtual reality gaming has a long history. The first commercial VR headset linked to a gaming device was released by Sega in the early 1990s, followed by Virtuality’s completely interactive VR pod with exoskeletons, gloves, and headsets. While it was not commercially viable – the complete set had a price tag upward from $70,000 – it set the fantasies of many in motion. Since then, the technology tried to make a comeback several times, with limited success – until this year, that is, when it has returned into spotlight.

How Virtual Reality will Impact Real Money Online Gaming

Future of Real Money Online Gaming on Virtual Reality

In a separate story, real money gaming has become a thing in the mid-1990s. Unlike VR, real money online gaming’s story was one of continuous growth, reaching its multi-billion dollar value today. Developers were always seeking to break new grounds, first moving from downloadable software to a browser-based variant, and making their way into the emerging mobile gaming market as well.

But now the time has come for the two technologies, both coming from the past, to converge in a way never before seen.

Where Worlds Collide

In fact, VR casino gambling is already here and ready to launch. Soon, players at the All Slots Canadian casino will have the chance to explore a whole new way of playing their favorite games. All Slots Casino, known for its long history, will take the next step, offering its players a completely immersive environment, perfect for leaving their home behind while still being there – physically. All this thanks to a fresh take on their software, showcased at last year’s ICE Totally Gaming, that will bring major changes into the lives of online players.

What All Slots Casino players will soon experience is a brand new way to interact with the traditional games usually found in a casino. In the demo, players had the chance to use an Oculus devkit, together with a Leap Motion controller, to step into the next generation of online casinos. In the game, they had the chance to play a game of roulette, with a robotic croupier handling the wheel and the ball. By the time it hits the All Slots Casino, the technology will surely be expanded to cover many other games, from craps and blackjack to baccarat and casino poker – basically any game where interaction is needed.

The Future of Social Networks?

Imagine online meeting points, allowing their visitors to interact in ways never seen before. Imagine them meeting, talking, and playing together, for real money or just fun, in an environment of their choice, using no controllers, no gloves, no heavy body suits. Imagine them choosing the way they look, the way they move – imagine all the amazing ways in which they will be able to use their newfound freedom. And imagine them sitting together at a virtual table, playing hand after hand of poker, without even leaving their home.

Virtual reality will bring forth way more than just a new way to play. It will change the way we interact with each other online – and this is more important than just playing in a more realistic environment.


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