Gameloft Releases Iron Man 2 Game For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [Video]

I know you might be a little skeptical about a movie-tie in game, but hey, let’s not forget Gameloft brought us the amazing Avatar game, which wasn’t much of a movie-tie in at all. If you are an Iron Man fan like I’m I bet you have been desperately waiting for its release. Only few days to go for the Iron Man 2 movie release date but the Iron Man 2 game for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad is already here, in rich 3D graphics, interesting story line, real-like locations, and awesome gameplay.

Gameloft brings Iron Man 2 to the iPad and iPhone

Gameloft is traditionally a mobile company, and as they say, they’ve worked on “small to very small” devices, so the iPad is a new trick for them. They say that developing for the iPad allowed them to ramp up the graphics, and helped to make the new game that much more immersive. I couldn’t agree more — the bigger screen of iPad definitely makes a difference in terms of focusing on the game and we have already seen the proof in our recent review of the iPad game — Plants Vs. Zombies where a gamer could play multitouch game with 11 Fingers [Video].

The Iron Man iPhone app offers nine levels of thrilling action and gaming extravaganza as you travel around the globe  fighting evil from the advanced Stark Expo center in New York to the jungles of Somalia for a truly wholesome entertainment.

While you as Tony Stark, battle the bad heads in your ruggedly beautiful Iron Man exosuits, and all through the game play, the War Machine will also be there to give you a helping hand.

On the ground and in the skies, Iron Man will go head-to-head against Ultimo, Firepower, Whiplash and armies of other foes who want to take him down. But who is really pulling the strings of this sudden onslaught against Iron Man? He’ll need the help of War Machine and S.H.I.E.L.D. to defeat them all.

The Iron Man iPad game also allows you to customize the touchscreen controls to suit your comfort levels, however the Iron Man iPhone game does not.

Iron Man 2 Game for iPhone & iPad Walkthrough

It looks like it probably will be more of a movie-tie in than Avatar, but I have hope for the game. I’m extremely excited for the open environments of New York the game features, letting you free to  roam around them.

The Iron Man game for iPad, iPhone and iPhone Touch requires the device to run iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later and is available at non-US apple store for $9.99 [Click here to download Iron Man 2 game] while the US version of the game is scheduled to release sometime after the movie release.

Watch Iron Man 2 Game for iPhone & iPod Touch in action

Use the touchscreen controls to run around, float the jets, fire the weapons and even to dress up your armor, and all this should seem as easy and comfortable as it has been with all the previous Gameloft games including the incredibly popular Avatar game.


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