This Giant 42-inch Nexus S At Best Buy Is World’s Largest Android Phone Ever [Video]

This giant monster is undoubtedly the world’s largest fully-functional Android Gingerbread handset, which happens to be a life-sized Nexus S! Presently on display in a Best Buy store in San Carlos, California, the enormous Android smartphone is equipped with a 42-inch multitouch screen, rigged to a real Nexus S that does all the processing. There’s a working camera, internet access and the whole Nexus S Android 2.3 user interface to explore.

42-inch Nexus S stomps into Best Buy, terrifies shoppers and demos interactive Gingerbread UI (video)

The device not only works (i.e. you can make phone calls), but also has a 42-inch touchscreen, a working camera and internet connectivity; it is actually powered by the Nexus S smartphone albeit one that has some special video-out capabilities.

The large mockup of the Android phone is actually being powered by a real Nexus S inside the huge display, which is made possible by the 42-inch TV with touch capabilities. Hell, the camera is also rigged up with mirrors so that it works, too. Judging from the video, it doesn’t run all that well, but then again it’s not the device you’d be taking home. The touchscreen doesn’t seem to be very accurate, but you get the gist of what Google was going for.

Best Buy is the exclusive retail location of the Nexus S. The Android 2.3 flagship sells for $200 on a two-year T-Mobile deal or for $530 contract-free. The new Android flagship gets a four-inch Super AMOLED display and has 16GB of storage built-in. Google and Samsung have patterned it closely after the Galaxy US but have stripped out the microSDHC slot while a gyroscope and NFC wireless hardware have been built-in.

Hands On With World’s Largest 42-Inch Giant Android Phone [Video]

Apparently, more units like these will be introduced to other Best Buy stores if Google finds it feasible. That will probably depend on whether store visitors can leave the touchscreen undamaged (i.e., if people don’t break the screen). At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see how the Google (Samsung) Nexus S fares in terms of sales, but we have every reason to believe it’ll do much better than its predecessor, The Nexus One.


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