Google Earth 6 Beta Released; Introduces 3D Trees, Closer Street View Integration

Google announced version 6 of Google Earth yesterday, for Windows, OS X, and Linux. The 6.0 update follows version 5.2, which was released last June. In late September, Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, explained at a press event that he wanted Google to be “the third half of your brain. Mr. Brin wasn’t just referring to the company’s search products when he made that somewhat eerie proclamation. He was also alluding to a number of  products that should be expected in the coming years.

Google Earth 6 Beta Released - Introduces 3D Trees, Closer Street View Integration

Yesterday Google took its “third half” concept to another level with its Google Earth version 6 software, creating a more realistic world that blurs the line between virtual life and reality! The new Google Earth software introduces two major new features: the integration of Street View, Google’s photos of streets and locations, and millions of 3-D trees. The inclusion of Street View makes it easy for users to swoop in and out of the 3-D version of Google Earth, and then easily enter an experience that is more realistic and true-to-life through the Street View photos layer.

Adding 3-D trees to a map might sound a bit underwhelming or strange to some. But speaking of 3D environments, perhaps the biggest (and most unexpected) feature of Google Earth 6 is the introduction of 3D trees. Yes, trees. The 3D trees (over 50 different species) are included in several parks, forests, and neighborhoods from around the globe.

In addition, though Google Earth already had recent and historic imagery, it was tough to find. Now it’s easier to spot, thanks to a notification that appears in the status bar when old imagery is available.

Street View and 3D Trees in Google Earth 6

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