Google Nexus 2: Next after Nexus One?

After Google released a smartphone with Android open source mobile operating system (Nexus One), What next?

Rumor mills suggest that a Google Nexus 2 is lurking in a research lab already. No sooner had the Nexus One stunned us all with Nexus One’s launch on January 5 than the inevitable  Google “Nexus 2” started appearing in online rumor pieces.

Thanks to Google itself that this rumor has emerged. With vice-president of product management Mario Queiroz commenting at the Nexus One launch that it was “the first in a series of phones”.

Google Nexus 2 Next after Nexus One

And indeed, a few days after the Nexus One’s arrival, Google’s VP of engineering responsible for Android, Andy Rubin, claimed that a QWERTY keyboard-wielding follow-up was indeed in development, with it would be focused on business users.

Since then, practically every handset vaguely fitting the bill has been touted as a potential Google Nexus 2. One of the issues clouding any talk of a Nexus One follow-up is that Google itself doesn’t make the hardware. HTC is its partner of choice for its smartphone debut, but some rumors are suggesting fellow Open Handset Alliance member Motorola may be favored next time up.

The Motorola Shadow – first outed at the end of last year – is the current insider tip as a potential Nexus in different clothing. It adds one of the few features the Google Nexus One actually lacks – a QWERTY keyboard. But that’s about all that’s known right now, and the single image being circulated appears nothing more than an artist’s render.

There’s talk of a next-gen Snapdragon 1.3GHz or 1.5GHz processor being lined up, along with the next Android update too, of course (which we know know will be called Froyo) but it’s anyone’s guess if either will be found in a Google-branded phone anytime soon. What do you think? Nexus 2 is just another rumor or is it for real?


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