Google Nexus One Phone Support Hotline [1-888-486-3987]

Google Support goes Live with their Phone Support for the Nexus One

Not that the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G or the iPhone 3GS launches were perfect, but people expected a perfect launch from Google Nexus One. I’ve heard this one before and lots of Nexus One users are waiting for an update to fix the 3G stability issues with the phone. According to Google, if the hardware is bad then the warranty will cover everything and if its a software problem then a patch will be released ASAP.

Now Google has opened their Smartphone support hotline. That’s right; After taking quite a beating in the blogosphere after the initial launch of the Nexus One, Google has officially launched phone support.

Google Nexus One Phone Support Hotline [1-888-486-3987]

You can reach the support hotline from 7AM to 10PM EST at 1-888-48-NEXUS (63987) this is 1-888-486-3987. The search company, now also hardware vendor, acknowledged the touchscreen issue and said that its looking deeply into the problem.

However, the issues go away after putting Googles phone into sleep mode, and later on switching it on. According to the official Google Android forum, the Nexus One are having touchscreen-calibration problems after the handset was cold-booted. Sadly, some users are experiencing touchscreen issues with the HTC Nexus One.  This is exactly what Google didn’t need: another Nexus One problem.

However, I would say this (Google Nexus One Phone Support Hotline) will certainly help a lot of people. Not only you have web support, you also have ‘live’ people to talk to if you need one. Not much else to see here, but hey, way to go Google, now can you tell me why my Google Reader constantly freezes?


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