Google Tilt Brush – Now Draw & Paint from a new Perspective

Late Steve Jobs, the former CEO of apple, once stated, “It is technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities that yield us the results that make our heart sing.”

Today, this statement of Jobs seems to be a reality when we come across some hyper-physical and extraordinary kids of technology comprising tools, gadgets, VR instruments and many more. The list is further extended with the latest entry from Google labeled as ‘Google Tilt Brush’, an extremely innovative and magical app, which feathers your imagination and lets it create wonders.  Using this brush, you can paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Thus, your room becomes a wider canvas and your palette is your imagination where you can discover endless possibilities. It allows you to paint life-size, three dimensional brush strokes, light, stars and even fire. Google Tilt Brush is a token to the wonderful painting expedition that you have never experienced before.

The following insight that we have prepared for you throws enough light on the characteristics, abilities features, and moreover does it really carry what it boasts?

Virtual Reality offers it an Unimaginative Face

Google Tilt Brush – Now Draw & Paint from a new Perspective

Google’s virtual reality app, Tilt Brush, can allow architects and designers to walkthrough their creation in 3D as they draw them (+movie). This magical tool is available on the HTC Vive headset device. Tilt Brush allows users to create 3D imagery as it uses an easy controller, which imitates the gestures of painting. A number of distinct colors and brushes are opted for from a virtual “palette”, and users can walk through and around the work they create as they work. Tilt Brush is first available on Steam for the HTC Vive

Paint It with Dynamic Brushes

Google Tilt Brush app features a wide variety of Dynamic Brushes; and these make it possible to create everything from fire, stars, snow and many more on a virtual 3D space. It also comes with a handy color picker that allows you to paint using a wide-range of colors of your own choice.  These brushes also include several designer stroke options including Rainbow, Hypercolor and Thick Paint.

User Friendly Interface

Although, Google Tilt Brush looks complex, but it features a simple and intuitive user interface. In a hierarchical menu, features are set out and general features like Color Picker and Undo are made accessible without putting a great deal of efforts. A few more unique alternatives include the Snapshot tool, which gives you an opportunity to take a screenshot and move it around in a virtual space.

Convenient to Share

Having an artistic brain, if you love to create immersive 3D masterpieces, you must share them in your circle. Allow Google Tilt Brush to handle everything you artistic mind imagines and that too with a difference. This app features a very convenient option that allows you to share your 3D creations with those you want. It includes both giant and full-room-sized VR ready creations and small animated GIFs.

 Available for only HTC Vive and Steam Users

One of the most key aspects of using this Brush is that users should have an HTC Vive VR headset. Moreover, you need to configure this headset with a Steam account beforehand. The reason behind getting this app configured is that it is available only through the Steam software distribution platform. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that Google Tilt Brush might come to other VR platforms soon.

This app has already got a buzz among numerous groups of artists invited by The Google Cultural Institute to have a trial of this app in Paris at the beginning of this year.

A Handy tool For Many Professionals

The immersive space is an evident draw for installation artists, but there are several opportunities for this app. Google Tilt Brush comes with the capability to drive change in the fashion industry, as illustrators can with textured fabrics such as silk, denim and cotton. Moreover, you can put texture to leather as well. Designers can showcase their creations to measure and monitor their ongoing work. In addition, they can view what they have created from every imaginable angle and share it with Tilt Brush users across the globe.  This app is going to be proved a great tool for architects as they will soon have a walk-through inside their 3D skeletons, sketches, projects etc. and make alterations to their creations in an extremely convenient way.

An Exceptional Platform

Many experts have put forth their opinion about Google Tilt Brush that it comes with the potential to convert itself as a great platform for installations in museum and other spaces like a gallery. They expect that this technology can be applied through a number of ways.  Many professionals and artists are exploring new ways of landscaping keeping this extremely magical and dynamically built device in mind. Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, an eminent Cuban-American artist, reveals how this technology can be made available on various platforms for its wide use.

Faith47, a globally-acclaimed visual artist forum, describes that people with the use of Google Tilt Brush two dimensional world is left way behind by the masses and “basically sculpting your drawing”.  One of the Graffiti artists, Chu, accepts that “this device is going to transform how it will make people enjoy immersive artworks.”


The impossible is now reality with Google Tilt Brush as this app is set to revolutionize the whole definition of creating extraordinary pieces of painting. You can push the boundaries of your imagination and bring innovation to your daily work with the help of this exceptional tool.  This revolutionary product would surely drive changes in a number of industries including fashion, design, art and craft, drawing and painting, architecture and many more.  This is also a matter of worth consideration that this is a product a little ahead of its time and only future will unearth the real potential of this app.  All and all, this latest and immersive artwork will open new doors for the new age of art and artists. With virtual technology, especially Google Tilt Brush, the realm and expansion of art is immeasurable; therefore, the imagination of an artist can go as creative as it could.

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