Google Uses Colored Balls, Adds ‘Lock’ Feature to SafeSearch

Since long time Google SafeSearch has provided concerned parents, and web searchers an easy alternative for avoiding (seeing) adult sites in their Google search results.  Today, Google went yet another step ahead and added an additional security layer to its search functionality, thus allowing users to lock-in SafeSearch on their accounts so that questionable material will not pop up.

Via this new feature Google will let you lockdown SafeSearch settings. Once you put your search on lockdown, you’ll need to enter a password to revert back, and you’ll know your results are safe because you’ll see big, colored balls. Yeah, SafeSearch has been around for awhile, but users can now lock their setting to a “strict” setting that cannot be turned off or changed unless you type in the password. Meanwhile, searches that are done using SafeSearch will include an icon of four colored balls in the top, right-hand corner of the results page, so users know that SafeSearch is on.

Do we need to say that the color of these balls are none other than the Google trademark colors – green, yellow, red, and blue? This essentially means that if you are seeing these large colored balls at the top-right corner of your Google Search result page then be visually assured “even from across the hall,” that the search experience is locked down. And if you don’t see them, it’s quick and easy to verify and re-lock SafeSearch,” Google said in a blog post.

There’s No Sex When Google Shows You Colored Balls

To lock in SafeSearch, go to Settings on your Google account and look for “safe search filtering.” Click “lock safe search” and then log-in again. The settings apply to all Google domains, regardless of which country-specific Google service you are using. But if you have multiple profiles across Google, all these accounts must be locked separately.

Although this “lock safe search” feature doesn’t appear to be rolled out to everyone yet, you will be able to turn on SafeSearch lock from your Search Settings page, and use the colored balls as an ongoing reference to ensure that you and your children/students aren’t exposed to inappropriate content.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how to setup SafeSearch lock.


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