Here Is Why Web Designers Hate IE6

IE6? Are we still talking about that? It is like complaining about rotary telephones. Who on earth uses IE6 anyway? Well, apart from grannies and grandpas (no offense)! Well, wait. If you’re a web developer you know what I’m talking about. And how this old browser is costing the industry in terms of hours of work and billions of dollars. And sadly, as long as Windows XP is around so is IE6.

To be real honest, IE6 is pretty bad. If your traffic consists of IE6 users or you’re developing for an industry where IE6 is still being used, just remember to always validate your code and you’ll get rid of a lot of the inconsistencies. But often, that is lot easier said than  done! <sigh>

Here Is Why Web Designers Hate IE6[Source]

Blame Businesses — sad truth but most clients want IE6 support. Even MS recommends you don’t use IE6. Which is probably why they’re already at IE8 and IE9 is in development. It’s one thing to willingly use IE6, but it’s something far more dastardly to force others to use it against their will. Corporate IT, stop stalling and deploy a newer IE! Wake up fellas.


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