How to Choose the Correct Mobile Booster?

It is incredible how far science has come and totally unpredictable where it is going. Introduction of wireless mobile technology was a breakthrough in the recent past. As a result of this revolution of distant wireless communication, entire world has become a small global village. But still, this wireless communication technology is not available equally all over the world. There are areas where network connectivity is absolutely poor due to weak signal strength. Results are annoying including poor quality calls, sudden call drops and slow internet.

But that was many years ago! Is poor cellphone signal causing you problems when making phone calls? If you have been suffering from poor mobile phone reception issues in your area, then a signal booster might help.

Today you can enjoy every benefit of high quality voice calls and fast internet by boosting your network signals by means of a mobile booster. Modern day cellphone signal booster manufacturers like MyAmplifiers offer a range of mobile signal boosters from which you can choose the right device for your need.

How a Cellphone Signal Booster Works?


A mobile booster is a combined device of an antenna, an amplifier and a special connectivity cable that connects the two units. Antenna is usually fixed outside where mobile signals are available. It can effectively receive signals and then transmit it to the amplifier by means of the cable. Amplifier then boosts these poor signals and repeat-broadcast them over the small area designated. Mobile devices operating within this area can receive strong mobile signals from the unit.

When to Buy a Mobile Signal Booster?

  1. Do you experience frequent call drops or slow internet?
  2. Does your phone often indicate low signal levels?
  3. Do you struggle to get full signal bars in your phone?
  4. Does your phone often get disconnected in middle of phone calls?
  5. Does your phone lose battery much faster than expected?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then you need a mobile booster. A correctly chosen and properly installed mobile booster can make your life a lot easier.

How to Choose the Correct Mobile Booster?

However before purchasing one you need to consider a number of aspects. First you need to identify where you are going to need a mobile booster, i.e. car, home, room, office. There are various types of mobile booster devices manufactured depending on the coverage area and the use. Boosters are also classified into categories depending on the number of carrier signals amplified and the number of carriers amplified.

If you need to amplify just one carrier, a booster with a Yagi-Uda directional antenna which is more powerful than any omnidirectional antenna and can be aligned directly with the nearest tower would be the best. On the other hand omnidirectional antennas are capable of amplifying a number of carriers at a time, so you can try it out if that is your requirement.

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