How Google Street View Works? [Video]

Google is constantly been ‘attacked’ by privacy advocates over their Google Street View feature. Apparently people do not like other people taking pictures of the streets they live on. So Google Japan decided to show the public how Google Street View really works (see video below). They wanted to give people the idea that it is just the cutest thing. And, that they are working late at night removing anything that might be of a concern to you.

How Google Street View Works 1

This stop motion film by Google explains (in a rather fanciful way) how Google Street View really works. It features a cute little robot puttering around town, taking film photographs and painting over license plate numbers with a marker. The video is part of an effort to make the practice appear less invasive of individuals’ privacy.

A Behind the Scenes Video from Google Street View labs.

How Google Street View Works 2

How Google Street View Works 3

How Google Street View Works 4

How Google Street View Works 5

While Google Street View is really neat, what I’d like to see more than anything is using these photos to enhance driving directions, as it’s often easier to spot an exit or street to turn on based on what it looks like rather than rely on tiny little green signs. Considering that the data has come from video footage, a quick highlight reel of turns wouldn’t be so bad either. At any rate, do you see Google as a Hungry Beast, which takes away your Privacy?


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