How Mobile Routers Are Impacting Hot Spot Sales

In a world where the Internet has become as much a part of our daily lives as a coffee pot, the ability to connect anywhere and everywhere is important. This is true for families who need to stay connected as well as for business owners and employees.

While Wi-Fi has made it common to connect to the Internet wirelessly, a mobile broadband router makes it even easier to connect and share a connection with others on the go.

Using such technology allows several users to share one high speed 3G or 4G Internet connection anywhere there is an accessible Wi-Fi signal. Mobile hotspots, which are self-contained devices featuring an internal rechargeable battery, offer true plug-and-play wireless Internet access, typically for up to five people, on one connection.

Wireless connections aren’t new. We’ve been using them at home and at work for several years. But the ability to take that connection with you, anywhere, can be a real boost. That’s exactly what you get with a mobile hotspot and router.

So how is the use of wireless mobile broadband routers affecting the sale of mobile hotspots? Not surprisingly, in a favorable way. And one that is expected to continue to increase over the next five years.

Mobile wireless is already a multi-billion industry. According to Anything Research, by 2015 wireless communication sales are expected to more than double compared to sales in 2010. This trend is due largely to the advance of high speed mobile routers which allow connections to be shared among families or groups of employees.

With nearly every high tech gadget from cameras to smartphones and everything in between being Wi-Fi enabled, it’s no wonder mobile hotspots have become so popular. Not only can such a connection be shared among several users, but it can be shared with any device that can connect wirelessly as well.

When you combine the advantages of Wi-Fi (easy high speed access and secure connections) with the advantages of mobile broadband (shared account and portable access), it’s easy to understand why the resulting “Intelligent Mobile Hotspot” has become so popular in such a short time.

With the introduction of mobile hotspot devices, the dream of being able to connect several devices or users over one single account has been realized. There’s no longer a need to search for public Wi-Fi. Now, users can simply plug in the hotspot, and connect to the Internet wherever they are via a wireless broadband router. The impact on sales is obvious. The impact on society is yet to be seen.


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