How Students are Cheating in Exams Using Spy Earpiece

Okay, many students have figured it out by now that college is a big fat scam!  According to many Americans, our education system has got nothing to do with teaching you a venerable skill that will instantly bring you acclaim and position in the working world, and everything to do with racking up soaring debt (education loans) with endless interest that keeps you a wage-slave to the state.  College debt is a new bubble-crisis in America, in that the new generation has billions of dollars racked up in said debt, and no way to pay it off in any reasonable amount of time.

Why The Education System is a Big Fat Lie?

How Students are Using Modern Gadgets like Spy Earpiece to Cheat and Pass in Exams

In fact, certain programs have been put into place, which cancel that debt should a student not be able to find a job that pays after his or her education.  But that money was still spent, which means resources were used somewhere along the line; and that’s how a bubble collapses: you can’t just erase expenditure like that.  The domino effect will pop a brick off a shelf somewhere, and the whole facade comes crashing down.

So knowing this, it’s also wise to understand that most collegiate environments aren’t actually about educating their students to think critically.  After all, if they were, students would catch on to the college loan shenanigans that have been facilitating a new debt bubble and jump ship before the whole thing sinks.  Colleges don’t want that to happen, so they teach students how to regurgitate facts and memorize opinions, brown-nosing the professor for an “A” rather than learning the material and taking a stand against a position they don’t agree with.

Schools quit being a measure of education decades ago, and quickly became a meter of how well a student can suck-up to his or her professor.  That’s cheating on the part of the educational system.  It’s cheating in the lie that such education is good for you and will bring you a career, it’s cheating in that you won’t actually become more intelligent from most classes; just brain-washed, and it’s cheating in that you are expected to respect and revere the entire defunct scam.  Isn’t it time to find a way such negative things can be turned to your benefit?

How Students are Using Modern Gadgets like Spy Earpiece to Cheat and Pass in Exams?

The majority of students cheat these days, but they don’t do it well.  Hiding answers on a slip of paper you drop between your knees, or writing things up and down your arm — perhaps, it worked in the eighties, but we’re in the 21st century todayFalse broken arms and eye-patches like Chevy Chase lampooned in Spies Like Us are just clunky and unlikely to work.  But why would you use these methods when you’ve got the future at your finger tips? Using a modern day spy earpiece gadget, like the ones being sold on GSM-Earpiece, Amazon and eBay, is a great and creative new way to get answers (cheat in exams) without being noticed.

Using such a spy device is unbelievably simple and pretty straight forward. Just tuck it under your hair or insert in your ear and have your friend read the right answers to you while you write them in the examination hall.  The class isn’t about teaching the subject you’re studying anyway; it’s about teaching you how to memorize answers the professor would like you to know, in order that you agree with their particular ethos regarding world events.  That noise is unnecessary.

If you really are interested in the subject you’ll study it on your own and know more than any A+ level student who properly regurgitated the professor’s A–E opinions anyway.  With a good spy earpiece, you can ace the class and save time, as well as money.  Let’s face it; the school and college degrees are just a bureaucratic hoop some businesses require in the modern world. It’s not anything that will teach you how to do your job better. Get a spy earpiece.

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