How Technology is Changing Marketing Efforts for Businesses

Technology is changing faster than many of us ever thought possible. We don’t have our flying cars yet, but we are quickly developing the technology for things that were once just the stuff of science fiction — like being able to access personal devices with the scan of a retina or the reading of a fingerprint, getting personal shopping recommendations from an exhaustive purchase and browsing history, or displaying information on clear glass and being able to manipulate it with the touch of our fingertips.

More of our lives are being operated online, and changing technology is changing what’s possible for us to do. That means that technology is also changing the way that businesses can reach their audiences, including through search engine optimization and social media marketing. Here’s a look at how specific advances in technology are changing these marketing efforts for businesses:

Data Security

With more of our data online now, there is more risk of people stealing it, either to take our money or to assume our identities. Fortunately, many advancements have been made in how to keep that data safe. We now have a variety of cloud-based options that store our data and protect it at the same time. TierPoint offers cloud services that include co-location hosting, disaster recovery, IT management, and more.

Data security seems to be a general business interest but doesn’t at first seem to be related to SEO. However, Google has made security a priority in its ranking algorithm in recent years, and sites that are vulnerable to viruses or that leave their visitors vulnerable to breaches are ranked much lower in search results. Data security is considered a sign of the site’s quality, and Google takes a comprehensive approach to evaluating the quality of a site and where it should rank in search. By choosing the right data security services, you can make your site more trustworthy and get it to rank higher in searches.

User Intent

The more you know about your target audience, the better you will be able to create marketing materials that will resonate with them and convince them to buy your product or service. In the past, businesses had to rely on simple metrics like keyword usage to know what their audiences were looking for online. Now, we have advanced algorithms that look at the intentions of the user when they are searching to better deliver them the right information.

For example, say a user is searching for “cloud security.” Does the person want to know more about what it is? Or is that person actually searching for cloud security services for their business? The simple keyword doesn’t give those answers. But a user-intent algorithm would look at things like what other websites the person has visited and what information they have interacted with to determine that answer. That way, more relevant information is shown in search results. Understanding how these algorithms work can help businesses create better user-targeted content that will rank higher.

Increased Immediacy

Social media has been popular because it offers a kind of immediacy for users. You post a status, and someone can immediately comment and give you feedback. You can have a real-time conversation for all the world to see.

For businesses, there have been technological advances that increase the immediacy of content so they can get the kind of exposure they want. For example, Facebook now offers in-feed articles that allow the entirety of the content to appear, rather than a snippet of it. Facebook also pioneered live video, which lets you show your face and use your actual voice to talk to your audience, and they can talk back by typing in comments that will show up while you are filming. You can even plug a video snippet in for your profile picture. Who knows what advances will come in the next year or so?

Technology continues to evolve at breakneck pace, creating new opportunities and challenges for businesses. We now have virtual reality, personal technology, and more that give businesses new places to reach customers or to “rank” when they are searching for information. One day, business leaders might be able to project a hologram of themselves right into the living room of their target customers. All you can do is try to keep up and make the most of the wonderful opportunities you’ve been given.


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