How to Check Google Drive Available Space?

We had predicted Google Drive launch before it happened and the Internet is buzzing with how awesome is the FREE 5 GB of storage space that Google Drive is offering. The five gigabytes of storage is available free at and upgrades to more space on servers are available at rates set by size and country.

Google Docs online text program was described as an integral component of Drive, letting people create and collaborate on documents. Google put its search expertise to work to provide tools for people to quickly find files in their Drive accounts. Included is Goggle technology to power searches using images instead of key words.

However, have you wondered how much of storage space you are currently consuming on Google Drive and how much space is remaining? As soon as we migrated to Google Drive this was the first question that struck my mind. I wish they had a nice little counter, much like the one that they have on their Gmail login page, to show this.

But since they currently don’t show the storage usage space upfront, we decided we would spill the beans via this post. Here is a super quick tutorial on finding how much space you have left in your Google Drive.

1. To get started open Google Drive from your Google menu.

2. When your Google drive opens click on the wrench icon as shown below and click on Settings:

3. And that would be it! The next page that opens would display your current space usage:

Please note that only stored files (.PDF, .DOC, .JPG, etc.) count towards your Google Drive storage limit. And Google Docs formats don’t use up your storage space, which is a great thing if you’d ask me.

As a side note, the talk about creating a Google Drive started about five years ago. The booming trend of smartphones or tablets being at the center of mobile lifestyles and the growing popularity of services like Gmail or YouTube hosted in the Internet cloud made the time ripe for Google Drive, executives said.

Here is a super quick tutorial on finding how much space you have left in your Google Drive.  To get started open up Google Drive


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