How To Decrypt and Burn Copy Protected DVDs

If you have been wondering how to decrypt and clone copy-protected DVDs and looking for the best DVD Copy software application to burn CSS encrypted, copy protected  DVDs then it is your lucky day. A big problem with DVDs is that they’re awfully prone to scratches, and a scratched DVD is a non-playing DVD.

Unfortunately, most DVD movies are copy protected or CSS encrypted in order to prevent you from copying them. It’s alleged purpose is to stop piracy, but it also keeps a legitimate owners from copying movies who want to backup their DVDs in order to protect them from scratches.

I for one, like to make copies of the movies and games that I own, just to have a backup. I’m also a fan of copying DVDs to my media-center hard drive for faster, easier viewing.  But you can find it hard to do so unless you have a good DVD cloning software that is capable of decrypting copy-protected DVDs.

How to Rip and Burn (Clone) Copy Protected DVDs?

These DVD copy software contains a DVD ripper or DVD decryption utility, which de-scrambles the DVD’s copy protection or CSS encryption and allows the software to burn a perfect copy of any DVD… including copy protected DVDs.

With current technology, copying DVD movies ( even CSS encrypted and copy protected DVDs ), is a very simple one-step push button operation…  if you have the right DVD copy software. Really… it’s so easy that anybody can easily make an EXACT CLONE of any dvd within seconds!

How to Copy/Crack a Decrypted (Protected) DVD within Seconds!

DVDFab DVD Copy is an amazing DVD ripper/clone/burner software that is very efficient if you want to clone a DVD, rip DVD quickly, decrypt copy protected, transfer and playback to a compatible-device — all in a flexible and fast way.

Unlike traditional DVD rippers, which convert movies into mobile-friendly video files, DVD Copy is designed explicitly for copying DVDs to blank discs and/or your hard drive (in ISO format). It can perform 1:1-ratio copies or add compression (great for fitting movies onto single-layer discs).

DVDFab has a built-in CSS decyptor (which we love), supports multiple languages, removes region codes, retains or omits bonus material, restores defective or scratched DVDs and supports most configurations.

To top it up, the program offers eight different copy modes, including the option to split a DVD onto two blank discs (again, useful for single-layer media).  It also has the option to remove FBI warnings and make the copied disc jump directly to the main menu (bypassing all the previews).

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Some of DVDFab’s features are not found in many products including: the ability to retain or change the region codes, the ability to remove the CSS encryption, episodic DVD support (e.g. Alias) and the ability to write data, not just movies, to a blank DVD.

On the downside, you may notice some color bleeding around bright letters on a dark background. This is most commonly seen in the opening or closing credits. However, it is not very apparent on medium sized screens and ONLY if you do have a large screen HD television, these bleeding distortions may be more apparent.

Apart from that, DVDFab is clearly the leader in this area being able to, in many cases, read through DVD disc surface errors resulting from scratches and dirt. It also has excellent capabilities to recover data from DVDs that have serious internal corruption.

Overall, DVDFab DVD Copy is an excellent DVD copy software option. Priced at $50, DVDFab DVD Copy is a great DVD cloning software and undoubtedly widely regarded as one of the best in its class. And it comes with a year’s worth of updates.  Right now, they are offering a 20% discount and to redeem the coupon just enter the coupon code: FAB-WTR-OFF in the box ‘Discount coupon’ at the bottom of the check-out form. Please note that this coupon is only valid until Sep 18, 2011!


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