How to Download Wikipedia for Offline Reading: Wikipedia for Schools

Wikipedia, for most of us, needs no introduction. We use it perhaps almost as frequently as we use Google for our information needs. All of us might then wonder about the need to download and use a free information resource which is available only a click away online.


But what if you fall in a situation where you don’t have access to the Internet and you want to access Wikipedia to reference one of your projects or assignments? Ironically, some universities have blocked Wikipedia in their servers or WIFI areas due to many reasons, one of them being misuse during examination times. There is no access for many students to Wikipedia site although they have the internet access. For them, the offline version of Wikipedia would be an awesome help. But did you know that it is possible and an offline version of Wikipedia is available for download?

Please note that the ‘Wikipedia for Schools‘ version is only recommended for use by students of age 8-18 as it only consists of topics relevant to their education! Wikipedia for Schools is as big as 3GB in size (if Wikipedia only for a certain age group comes in 3 GB size, then one can assume how big the entire Wikipedia is) and can be downloaded via BitTorrent or Limewire. This file can be downloaded to your computer and you can use it during your offline time too. The entire file contains around 5500 articles that are related to educational topics of students.

Download Wikipedia for Schools DVD


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