How to Find and Select The Best VPN Service Providers

Not everyone is techie enough to know which one provides the best VPN provider. It enables computer users to access the Internet faster, easier and safer compared to not having one. Securing and encrypting your Internet connection is so important. Avoid unsafe Internet usage when you access websites from public locations such as Starbucks or malls that has free Wifi connection. Also avoid having your files accessed without you knowing it in countries that have governments who want to control your Internet activity.

Anonymity while surfing Internet IP may be a major concern for many People. If you have a need to encrypt and secure your internet connection—whether you’re using an unsecured public Wi-Fi connection or are worried about an authoritarian government snooping your data—a VPN service is just what you require.

When selecting and buying the best virtual private network services, there are a few things to consider. Learn these particular features before deciding on which ones to buy in the computer shop. It is a good investment that will benefit you in the long run.

Features to Consider while Selecting the Best VPN Service

– Look for an unlimited bandwidth speed. VPN connection uses bandwidth so the faster it is, the faster the connection will be. It allows you to transfer and receive data faster in the Internet.
– Have unlimited transfer of data. It is not only having faster data transfer and receiving them that are important. It also good to have unlimited access to it. It will allow you to easily track both upstream and downstream data usage in the Internet.
– Check if there are different IP addresses. Having several IP addresses will allow you to use it without websites blocking your IP address. There are some websites that disables the access of the user if the IP address is coming from one location. The restriction in China in very tight that it would be really helpful to consider using VPN China if you are in that country.
– Consider security of your computer. Have a VPN that has 256-bit encryption to keep all your data secured. Avoid hackers from stealing important information from your computer because you lack the protection that you need.

Suggested VPN Service Providers

Here are some more VPN providers that make for a good choices if you are deciding to buy a VPN service:

VyprVPN allows you to easily access online with different operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS or Ubuntu.
WiTopia is excellent because you can select the country or city where the traffic is coming from. It has 31 countries with exit servers. Also it has an alternative port and SMTP relay for emails in case you need it.
StrongVPN has fewer exit points than WiTopia. It has 15 countries depending on the package you purchase.
Ipredator has protocol supported. Although the only exit point of this server is in Sweden, the advantage is it has strong data and privacy protection.
ProXPN allows you to switch exit points and it has custom Windows client that manages your network settings.

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VPNs willl become a vital tool, in conjunction with proxies and other methods, to avoid DNS filtering and other Internet censorship plans being formulated by US authorities under the PROTECT IP Act.

Do you know any other Free VPN service? Do share it by commenting below. If you see that any of the above services is down or closed, do let us know.


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