How to Fix And Remove Google Redirect Virus [Tutorial]

Google Search Result Hijacker/Redirect Virus Removal Tutorial

Google redirect virus is a browser hijacker that causes redirection to infected websites while you are simply browsing the Internet. Basically, after you type in a specific word or phrase into Google search engine and click Enter, you get redirected to some advertisements, p0rn-related websites, etc.

It can also completely block certain websites. This activity is not only annoying but it can also infect your system with some spyware infections which later on may reveal your private information, including passwords or credit card details.

If you are an experienced computer user you may fix this problem by entering the registry. However, if you are not sure which files to remove or change do not mess with it. These files can have random names so it is difficult to track them.

The easiest way to fix Google redirect virus is by scanning your system with a reliable antispyware program. if it doesn’t work, you can try these easy steps:

1. Check your hosts files for malicious entries. If you see more IPs, you should delete them.

2. Go to Control Panel -> Network Connections, right-click on your Local Area Connection icon and choose Properties. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties. Select “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically”. Save the changes.

3. Check you proxy settings on Internet Explorer. Launch it and go to Tools -> Internet options, Connections tab and click LAN Settings. Unselect all checkboxes and click OK.

4. If you use Mozilla Firefox, check you proxy settings there too. Go to Tools -> Options, click Advanced and open Network tab. Go to Settings, select “No proxy” and click OK.

5. Check Internet Explorer add-ons. Go to Tools -> Add-ons. Disable all add-ons that you cannot verify. You can reinstall good ones later.

If nothing works, it’s very likely that it’s a tdss rootkit. In this case and generally, the easiest way to fix Google redirect virus is by using a reliable antispyware program: Malwarebytes, Spyware Doctor, Superantispyware, Hitman Pro, etc. And here is a list of top 6 Best Antivirus Protection Program of 2011.

Guest Author: This is a guest article by Renata who is blogging for covering the main security issues there and writing tutorials on how to remove newest malware infections. Renata follows the latest news of computer security industry and alerts visitors of about latest vulnerabilities and parasites.


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