How to Fix Common Android Jelly Bean Problems

Android is one of the leading and most popular mobile Operating Systems, which is very much in demand in the market because of its substantial and steady admittance. And Android Jelly Bean, which is precisely known as Android 4.2, is an OS which has by far outperformed all previous Android versions. After ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ (Android 4.0), Jelly Bean came into the market with a smoother user experience and its sub-versions kept coming with noticeable changes. First came Android 4.1, which was named as Jelly Bean and soon 4.2, 4.2.1 and the latest is 4.2.2 followed. Each and every version of Android is very user friendly and simple. Reasons behinds its immense popularity are millions of amazing apps. Compared to Android 4.0, Android 4.2.2 is much faster, smart, fluid and ‘delicious’, with new features and lots of improvements. But, as we all know problems, defects, bugs and issues always tend to pop up in every software and Jelly Bean is no exception. Did you reach this article searching for most common Bugs in Android Jelly Bean OS and how to fix them?

Users of Google’s latest operating system, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, have been reporting several bugs, some minor and some major, in the days since Google started rolling out the update. Here are some common bugs and issues with Jelly Bean and some fantastic easy-to-use workarounds, fixes and other genuine solutions get rid of them.

Most Common Bugs (Defects) and Issues with Android Jelly Bean

» The connection problem with Wi-Fi might be due to the settings done to your router and because of this connection might be keeping on dropping.

» Android smartphone keeps crashing, rebooting and freezing, randomly. This might be a problem caused due to incompatible apps installed on your phone or they are not being updated often.

» Fast battery draining problem in Jelly Bean is a very common one and this might be because of specific apps, which are installed on your phone or tablet.

» Bluetooth bug in the 4.2 version is the reason of disruption while audio streaming. Google released a fix in version 4.2.1. You need to upgrade to get your Bluetooth working again.

» In the 4.2 update on the Nexus devices the December month was missing in the people app calender.

How to Fix Common Android Jelly Bean Problems?

Wondering how to Resolve these Jelly Bean issues? Here are the solutions to all the problems listed above.

Fix For Wi-Fi Connection Drop Bug:

Restart or shut down your phone and then turn it on again, but do it after turning the router and Wi-Fi to the off mode. And then switch on the router and Wi-Fi again. Also check for ‘keep Wi-Fi on during sleep‘ by going to the settings menu. Un-tick it.

Solution For Freezing Problem:

You can switch off your device and after some moment turn it back on. Also try doing factory reset. But doing this will format your phone’s data. So before performing this you must take a backup of your phone’s data. Another thing you should try is to remove some Android apps one by one and check if freezing and rebooting problem still remains or not. It is a bit time-consuming solution, but can fix most freezing issues.

Workaround For Battery Draining Problem:

You must go in ‘settings‘ and check ‘battery‘ tab. As there are some apps, which run in the background and drains the power so deal with it accordingly. Also, try formatting your MicroSD card after taking it contents’ backup on your PC.

Fix December Missing Issue:

It is restored in version 4.2.1 so upgrading your version to 4.2.2 should fix this issue. Also install a nice antivirus for Android to protect your phone from such problems. As the Android Application development community is doing a great job you should be able to find a nice antivirus app for your phone.

Author Bio: Martin is an experienced writer and enthusiast. Here he described about Jelly Bean bugs and solutions as Android Application Development in India or any where is booming day by day.


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