How to Fix “Insufficient Space On The Device” Error in Android

In the past six years, the trend hitting the smartphone market is Android. Android is an operating system meant for the mobile phones and is deployed by Google, mainly meant for touch screen devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. Android started its journey from version 1.0 G1 but the latest version of Lollipop was released on 21st April 2015 and named Lollipop 5.1.1. With the next major version Android 6.0 Marshmallow already announced, today Android is one of the most popular smartphone and tablet OS after Apple’s iOS.

However, Android, just like iOS, is not without errors and glitches. One of the most common problem that users report is an error where even if your mobile has sufficient storage capacity, while downloading any apps it would show Error Downloading “app name” There is insufficient space on the device. Ironically, this error pops up even when the user is having enough storage on the external SD card as well as in the internal storage device.

[FIXED] Error Downloading “app name” There is insufficient space on the device

FIXED Error Downloading Insufficient Space On The Device Error Android

PROBLEM: From the last two days while I’m trying to download an app or a game from the Google Play Store, I receive the message: “Insufficient space available”. But, both my storage device have sufficient space to hold the application. The internal storage space contains 1 GB and in SD card I have 28 MB left. Still while downloading the 3 MB app I receive the error message. Why is it so?

Solutions For ‘Insufficient Space On The Device’ Error on Android

Solutions For ‘Insufficient Space On The Device’ Error on Android

Many of the Android users face such situation. Even if the space is available, it shows error message and the app download is aborted. Why do such situations shoot up? What can be done to overcome the situation? What can be done when such situation occurs? For tackling such situation, you can follow any of the solutions mentioned below.

Uninstall Google Play Services Updates

This is the most efficient solution to fix this problem. This error has been seen in latest version of google play service so by uninstalling updates of google play services this problem can be easily fixed.
  • Tap on menu and go to Settings.
  • Now select applications and switch to All apps tab.
  • Search for Google Play Services and select it.
  • Click on Uninstall Updates, So that it will switch google play service to the default factory version.
  • Now the error is totally fixed. If you want then you can again update google play service from playstore.

Transfer Images to SD card

When an image is taken, it gets stored to internal storage device. Move the storage facility from internal to SD card. This will make more space in the internal device and always it is recommended to store the images, videos, audios, etc. in the SD card for more security.

Move Apps to SD card

You can try moving the apps from internal device storage to SD card. But, some of the apps require the root permission to do so while others don’t. By this, you can store the apps in the internal storage space and the data file will be stored in the SD card and thus, more space will be available in the internal device.

If these doesn’t works well you can try and reboot the phone using “wipe cache partition”. The below steps will guide you to reboot in Samsung devices, steps maybe same for others too but, the settings may differ.

Rebooting your Android Device

  1. Switch off the phone and while doing, hold the Volume-up key.
  2. While hold it, press the Home key.
  3. While both the keys are been holed, press the Power key.
  4. Free the keys and the logo appears.
  5. Hold the Volume down key and select wipe cache partition.
  6. Choose the option and press Power key.
  7. If the wipe is over, select Power key to reboot.
  8. The set will then be restarted.

Clearing the Cache

Sometimes the cache may contain unwanted items. A cache stores the data temporarily while surfing in the web. You can remove the items by clearing the cache. It doesn’t affect adversely. To clear cache;

Go to Setting » Apps » choose the app » clear cache

Remove Unwanted Apps

There may be unwanted applications installed in the device and it may be taking your space unnecessarily. Try to remove the apps which are not used by you, it will help you to free space and new apps can be downloaded.

To uninstall the app,

Settings » Apps » choose the app to remove » click uninstall option

The foremost thing that should be done to get rid of the error message is to clear the cache, it will free the space. You can find app cache cleaner, if you want from the play store. Always try not to install unwanted apps like; game apps or other such kinds, it will take over the space and you will not be able to download new apps. These unwanted apps even leads to the slowing down of your device or in other words leads to hanging.

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