Explained: How to Save Money on Expensive Printer Ink

Printer Ink & Printers; Ever Wondered Why Printer Ink Cartridges are So Expensive?

Did you know that the ink for your printer costs more than human blood and fine Champagne? That’s right; it’s one of the most expensive common liquids in existence. But why? How can it possibly be justified to charge so much for something that there is such a ready demand for? You would think that there would be some equalizing economical force that would come into play and drop these crazy prices. But it doesn’t. In fact, you can count on your printer ink to keep increasing in price for an indefinite length of time.

Top 5 Unknown Facts about Printer Ink

– Printer must be able to take heat of up to 300 F
– It must not be affected by vaporization
– It must be able to be delivered at super-fast rates; up to 36,000 drops per second
– Ink gets shot through outlets at speeds of 30 miles per hour
– The ink must also be able to be shot through nozzles that are just 1/3 the diameter of a human hair

What Ink Manufacturers Say about the High Price of Printer Ink

The manufacturers of printer ink attempt to justify their seemingly-ridiculous pricing by asserting the above facts. And the manufacturers say that all of the above factors necessitate loads and loads of cash investments for continuing research and development. Printer and printer ink cartridge technologies must keep up with advancements in various other industries. Read more at Konica Minolta.

They say you can’t have old-fashioned printers and printer ink technologies on the same fields with new-fashioned advances in other tech realms. That makes sense, I guess. And that means they have to spend tremendous amounts on R&D.

Well, I, like you, don’t know how much of that is true, or not. It seems to me that the technologies currently in place work as well as any other of the technologies I am exposed to regularly. I mean, when I use my printer, it seems to function pretty well; as well as my laptop, tablet or other tech devices. It works as well as my car too. So I guess it is up to par. I don’t know, maybe I am just to accepting of my printer. Maybe there are hundreds of thousands who, unlike me, get very angry and write demanding letters to the manufacturers, requiring more printer ink advancements.

It does seem pretty impressive to be able to shoot ink, at those speeds, through such small openings – and with such accuracy too! But still, aren’t those technologies already pretty well defined? How much more Printer R&D is really needed? I guess we will never really know, but those are the arguments of the manufacturers.

How to Save Money on Printer Ink

– Don’t buy new printer ink cartridges; buy refilled ones instead.
– Choose 3rd party cartridges instead of brand-name ones.
– Buy larger cartridges to save in the long run.
– If you normally just print black and white copies, then switch to a laser printer.
– Buy your own refilling kit to use at home.
– When you buy, buy in bulk to save the most.

Whether or not is does actually cost that much for printer ink R&D, it still costs us a lot to buy. If their profits are a million percent, or a hundred percent, we will never know. So, the best we can do is to plan ahead and anticipate the high costs of printer ink cartridges. Stock up and then do your best to go paperless. That’s better for the environment anyway.

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