How To Sell Your Mobile Phones For Cash

If you have an old or broken phone that you’re no longer using, it’s now possible to sell your cell phone to one of several companies that will pay you to recycle it. Rather than donating it to a charity or environmental group for free, or throwing it on the landfill, you can locate a company offering the best rates for your particular brand and model of phone and receive payment directly in the mail.

How To Sell Your Mobile Phones For Cash

Depending upon the model and condition, there are many ways that you can successfully sell your cell phone. Craigslist and eBay are popular options for selling a phone that is newer and in great working condition. Conduct a quick search to see the going rate for your model, and if you decide to sell, all you’ll need to do is create a quick listing with some photos and wait for a buyer.

But selling old stuffs and gadgets on eBay and Craiglist have been becoming a huge headache recently. So a more convenient option would be to research pricing and sell your cell phone directly to one of many companies that specialize in buying and recycling used cell phones and electronics.

Cash For Mobile is a brand new mobile phone recycling company aimed at giving its customers the best deals possible for their unwanted and old mobile phones so they can receive cash for mobiles they no longer want. Mobile phone recycling is becoming increasingly popular in these tough economical times and with many people being made redundant in the past few years it gives those people a chance to receive some much needed financial help, whilst giving many others a bit of extra cash to either help them through the month, or to simply put towards a luxury such as a new item of clothing or even a new mobile phone.

With Cash For Mobiles, selling your old mobile phone is easier than ever. You can seal the deal in just 4 easy steps – Search > Sell > Send > Get Paid! It is an excellent way to earn extra cash from any old unused mobiles you have sitting around in drawers. We recommend that every time you get a new mobile you should sell your old mobile. Not only does it get you some extra cash but mobile phone recycling is also good for the environment.

Interestingly, cash for mobile prides itself on giving its customers the best prices and even if your phone is old or broken they can provide competitive prices for you, and if you should need any help or guidance completing the process the Cash For Mobile staff are at hand to give you any assistance you should need in trading in your old mobile phones.

When you sell your cell phone, recycling companies can often reuse a large portion of the materials for reconditioning and refurbishing phones to be resold. Recycling cell phone parts is more friendly to our environment, and can help with providing lower cost models to developing countries around the world. So what are you waiting for then? If you have any such old phones then go ahead and grab some cash for mobile phones.


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