How to Send a Text Message (SMS) Using Email

Many of you are not aware that you can send text messages to a cell phone from your email inbox. Read on, to learn the simple technique of how to send a text message from your email inbox. And it’s free too!

In today’s technologically enhanced and short messaging service utilizing environment, more and more people are learning how to send a text message from email. There are many advantages to this, the least among them being the cost factor. Instead of getting an amount added to your phone bill, you are sending a text message from email, which is free. Moreover, many users would find typing a text message via a keyboard more comfortable than typing it from a traditional cell phone keypad. Others of us may not even have cell phones (or at least not cell phones with text messaging).

How to Send a Text Message (SMS) from Email

If you fall into one of these categories and still find yourself in a position where you just need to send a text message you have another option: using your email service. Almost everyone has an email account, nowadays and these accounts are widely used for a variety of purposes. So why not use them to send text messages to cell phones as well? From the receiver’s point of view this is convenient as well, as they receive the information as a simple text on their phone and do not have to check their email inbox. So, are you still wondering how to send a text message from email?

How to Send a Text Message from Email

This is a very simple task and anyone can do it easily. All you have to do is make a change in the ‘send to’ box, and you can send your text message from your email account itself. Each cell phone service provider has a domain name that you can send the text message to, via email. Once you have received the email domain of the receiver’s cellphone service provider, you can easily send a text message from email to cell phone. All you have to do is that type that person’s phone number in the ‘send to’ box and then follow it with ‘@ name of the cell phone service provider’s email domain’. It’s as simple as that.

The different email domains for various cellphone service providers are as follows.

– AT&T: [email protected]

– Qwest: [email protected]

– T-Mobile: [email protected]

– Verizon: [email protected]

– Sprint: [email protected] or [email protected]

– Virgin Mobile: [email protected]

– Nextel: [email protected]

– Alltel: [email protected]

– Metro PCS: [email protected]

– Powertel: [email protected]

– Suncom: [email protected]

– U.S. Cellular: [email protected]

– Cingular: [email protected]

By simply typing the number before these domains, you can learn how to send a text message from email to cell phone. For example, if you wish to send a text message from email to cell phone of someone who uses Verizon service provider, and their number is 243-567-8978, in the ‘send to’ box you will write ‘[email protected]’. This is the address you will send the text message to.

Filling in the subject line is optional, but it is advisable to just leave it blank. Displaying a subject line in a text message is quite meaningless. Ensure that your text message does not exceed 160 characters though, because if it does the entire message may not be displayed on the receiver’s phone. If you have to send a longer text message, send 2 separate messages. Also remember to remove your email signature before you send the message.

Flow Chart (Sending SMS via Email)

1. Log into your email or open your email program like Outlook Express.

2. Start a new message.

3. Type the recipient’s 10 digit cell phone number @ the cell carrier’s email domain in the address box. For example if the message recipient uses Verizon it would be [email protected] Sometimes there’s a special domain for text messaging; check with the cell carrier’s web site.

4. Type your message making sure it doesn’t exceed 160 characters, otherwise it may get cut off.

5. Send your message.

That’s it. As you can see sending a text message (SMS) from email to a cell phone is pretty easy. Isn’t it? 😉


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