How to Speed Up My Computer? 5 Quick and Easy Solutions to Speed Up Your PC or Laptop

It is almost inevitable for most PC owners to encounter problems such as a slow-running computer. When you encounter all imaginable problems, you usually ask yourself, how do I speed up my PC?

5 Quick and Easy Solutions to Speed Up Your PC or Laptop

How do I speed up my computer? This is what I usually hear from any PC owners who are just frustrated with the slow computer performance they are experiencing. It may sound like a daunting task but with these five easy steps you can speed up your PC without needing to hire a computer technician. After reading this, you can finally say, I can speed up my computer on my own!

1. Delete unnecessary programs.

If there are programs you can live without, do not hesitate to throw it away. Here is what you should do. From the Control Panel of your computer, click the Remove Programs button to delete anything that you don’t really need.

2. Unload the hard drive of unimportant files.

Check for any data or information that should be deleted like cookies. Put your mouse pointer over Tools then click the Internet Options button. Choose General and remove all cookies.

3. Defragment your computer hard-drive.

It is just easy. Put your mouse pointer over the My Computer icon, then go to Local Disk. Just hit the Tools button and whatever steps that you will read from them, just follow it.

4. Confirm how much space you have in your RAM.

Multiple programs function properly if you have lots of space in your RAM. Otherwise, avoid opening too many programs simultaneously. The speed of your RAM will definitely increase if you do this.

5. Do a registry scan.

There might be errors or computer virus in it that affects how your Windows run. Get a high quality registry cleaning software from a trustworthy company. Scan your registry on a regular basis to identify any damaged or corrupted files hidden in it.

When facing slow computer performance, often people tend to upgrade their memory (RAM) capacity or buy new antivirus software. Although these can also be helpful to speed up computer functions, isn’t it more relieving to know that there are more affordable solutions? You no longer have to ask, how do I speed up my computer? You can also share these tips with a friend who is having similar problem.

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