How to Tell if You are Addicted to The Internet [Top 15 Signs]

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is as real as the cute girl who works in the cubicle next to your’s. Even though people may not want to admit it, Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is not a hypothetical syndrome anymore. Here is how to tell if you are addicted to the Internet!

Top 15 Signs You are Addicted to The internet

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1. Are you unable to limit your use of the Internet? Does it take up most of your free time? Do you spend more than 1-3 hours a day on the internet for purposes other than school or work?

2. Do you lose your count of time when you’re online?

3. Do you take drastic steps to allow yourself to stay online longer? (Do you stock up your desk with several meals ? Drink energy drinks ? Are you always upgrading your computers or your software? )

4. Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you are prevented from getting online (Anger, Craving, Restlessness, Moodiness,  Irritability, Depression)?

5. Dy you obsess over checking your social networking profile and/or email (or whatever your favorite site is) multiple times every single day? Do you You sneak online while working or running late on a busy schedule?

6. Do you use your computer to escape reality?

7. Do you lie to others about your computer use?

8. Do you deny your obsessions over the internet when your friends and family point out your behavior?

9. Are you socially isolated in the real world?

10. Have you traded your real life experience for emotions that you now experience on the Internet through social networking, games, and p0rn?

11. Have you risked a real life relationship or your job over your Internet use?

12. Do you see a noticeable drop in your performance in a work or school environment due to procrastination by going online?

13. Do you try to avoid your real friends and family because you are anxious to find and meet your cyber friends?

14. Have you already unsuccessfully tried to cut back on your internet use?

15. Are you supposed to meet a strict project deadline and deliver by this evening and still reading this article?

If most of your answers to the above questions is YES, then you should probably start worrying; because you may be suffering from Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD)! How many of these signs of internet addiction do you have?

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